The Great Gathering 2020: Drawing Strength from the Songs of the Sisters

Friday 22 May 2020 to Monday 25 May 2020

A great gathering of Order Members and women who are training for ordination.

Led by Tiratanaloka, Taraloka and Buddhafield.

Retreat Team: Vajratara, Maitrisiddhi, Karunadhi, Hridayagita, Prajnagita, Varabhadri, Maitridevi

We will be exploring the songs of the Enlightened female disciples of the Buddha, some of the oldest sacred verses in history. From courtesans to mothers, old women and young, these songs give testament to how the Dhamma life is lived in practice. All the struggle and joy of practice is here. We can draw strength and inspiration from that lineage of women who have walked the path that we follow.

For this large event a magical shrine tent houses our meditation and puja.  Please camp if you can to allow those who need beds or indoor sleeping spaces to have them. 

Booking via the Taraloka website

Led By: 
Tiratanaloka, Taraloka and Buddhafield
Retreat Experience: 
Women training for ordination