Green Earth Awakening 2024

Wednesday 11 September 2024 to Sunday 15 September 2024

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Green Earth Awakening is a fundraising event for Triratna Buddhafield, Registered Charity No. 1108826


Green Earth Awakening Camp is an intimate gathering at the turning of the summer season exploring community, ecology-based practice, land-based skills, green crafts, and creative ways to forge social and ecological resilience in a time of imminent ecological breakdown.

Inner work supports outer action in the world. Those following a path of inner spiritual development may forget to engage with social and ecological injustice, while activists may forget the inner work for fear of running out of time. We offer the Green Earth Awakening as an invitation, from Buddhists to all, to gather and cross-pollinate.

In these times of climate breakdown, increasing inequality, and with the abhorrent legacy of colonialism, we need a bold new conviction in compassion. The lens of Buddhism offers a view of the world that positions us as connected and integrated into the web of life. This view offers a route away from individualism, scarcity and separation, towards connection, abundance and solidarity.  

We value a re-emergence of practices that unpick our sense of separation, allowing us to begin the work of opening up to a wider sense of self, an alliance with all beings, and a bold transformation of our global systems.



What is it?

Green Earth Awakening is an off-grid, drug and alcohol free, temporary camping community of 500. It involves workshops, talks, group discussion, embodied practices and music. Our programme is carefully curated to support reflection and depth. We value celebration and creativity as vital aspects of being in community.

At Green Earth Awakening, you will find workshops on: 

  • community and movement building
  • ecology-based practice
  • social change
  • practical tools for resilience
  • land-based skills and crafts
  • singing, dance and play
  • embodiment practices 

There is a meditation space, Dharma space, death awareness space and healing garden, music, open mic, cafes, showers and sauna, and, as always, the throbbing heart of the central fire. 

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When does it happen?

Green Earth Awakening happens every year in September. Every other year we will also hold the themes of Green Earth Awakening as a camping retreat for up to 30 people. This is an opportunity to go deeper into practices supporting inner and outer transformation. To find out when these retreats are happening, sign up for Buddhafield’s newsletter using the link above and you’ll get notified when event details are released.

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Get involved


We run on the generosity of volunteers. We thrive on the strength of community created during the events as well as during set-up and tat-down. We’ll release details about how to volunteer for Green Earth Awakening through our website, social media and newsletter. Links for these are above if you want to be kept in the loop.

Offer workshops
We’ll release details about how to offer workshops or run a space at the event via our website, social media and newsletter. Follow the links above to be kept in the loop.

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The ticket prices have been kept as low as possible to be as accessible to as many people as possible.

We’re selling weekend tickets for this event. There is great value in giving yourself the space and time to sink into what the camp has to offer – so come for the whole event if you can. However, we know that’s not always possible for everyone, so we hope weekend tickets will ensure we can welcome more people to this beautiful event.

We rely on the generosity of people buying tickets to keep this event running. We offer reduced-rate tickets for people from marginalised identities who experience structural oppression, because we acknowledge the extra labour required by such people to access certain spaces. We want to rectify this gap in access. We also fund places for people who are less financially secure. Please read the details of our tiered pricing system below and consider what you are able to pay.


Explanation of Adult ticket types

Supporting – If you feel financially comfortable on a day-to-day basis, with some excess assets or savings, we invite you to consider this option. This will help to support the ongoing development of the project and enable others who are more economically marginalised to attend.

Standard – The middle rate reflects the basic real cost required to make the event viable. It does not reflect the enormous amount of generosity and volunteer support that keeps us going. This option is for those who feel mostly able to meet basic financial needs month by month, for example:

  • I am able to meet my basic needs such as food, housing and transportation
  • I am employed or have access to financial resources
  • I have some expendable income beyond meeting absolute basic needs, for example I can afford to have a holiday / take time off work once a year or every few years without financial burden. Or I can regularly choose to attend activities (such as cinema, workshops, retreats, concerts etc).

Supported – We want to make tickets accessible for all. These tickets are subsidised to help that happen. If you experience structural oppression or feel that your identity is marginalised or racialised, this ticket is for you. Or choose this tier if you experience financial insecurity and the following applies:

  • I experience financial insecurity and frequently struggle to meet basic needs of food, housing and transportation
  • I am unemployed or underemployed
  • I have no access to savings and have no or very limited expendable income
  • I have no expendable income beyond meeting absolute basic needs, for example I cannot afford to have a holiday / take time off work without financial burden. I cannot choose to attend activities (such as cinema, workshops, retreats, concerts etc. )

(Credit to Alexis J. Cunningfolk and The Green Bottle: A Tool for Economic Justice)


Entry Prices
Full event (1pm Wednesday – 11am Monday)
Adult // Full Event // Supporting: £200 
Adult // Full Event // Standard: £140 
Adult // Full Event // Supported: £110
Teen (13-16) // Full Event: £70 
Child (3-12 years) // Full Event: £50 
Baby (0-2 years) // Full Event: £0
Car Pass: £30 
Live-in Vehicle Pass: £40 


Weekend (1pm Friday – 11am Monday)
Adult // Weekend // Supporting: £145 
Adult // Weekend // Standard: £105
Adult // Weekend // Supported: £85
Teen (13-16) // Weekend: £45
Child (3-12) // Weekend: £25
Baby (0-2) // Weekend: £0
Car Pass: £30.00
Live-in Vehicle Pass: £40.00

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Meal Ticket Information 

We offer fresh and amazing vegan food from our own Buddhafield Cafe. 

All-inclusive meal passes can be purchased until 1st September. This price includes a Sunday evening meal and a Monday morning breakfast. It also includes all-day access to hot drinks (filter coffee can be purchased separately at the counter). 

In an effort to reduce our food waste, we will not be selling meal passes at the gate, or selling individual meals for cash in the cafe. All meal passes MUST be purchased by Sunday 1st September.

Other food vendors will be available on site offering a cash service.


Meal Ticket Prices

Full Event

Adult // Meal Pass: £120
Kids (up to 16) // Meal Pass: £90

Adult // Evening Meal Only Pass: £50
Kids (up to 16) // Evening Meal Only Pass : £40

Full Event pass includes Wednesday evening meal to Monday breakfast.



Adult // Meal Pass: £72
Kids (up to 16) // Meal Pass: £54

Adult // Evening Meal Only Pass: £30
Kids (up to 16) // Evening Meal Only Pass: £24

Weekend pass includes Friday evening meal to Monday breakfast

The event runs from midday Wednesday to Sunday night. Ticket holders are welcome to stay until Monday morning. Full meal passes include a Sunday evening meal and breakfast on Monday morning. 

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Other Info

Watch our beautiful videos to get a sense of the Green Earth Awakening or scroll down for more practical info related to the event.




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