Green Earth Awakening Booking Terms and Conditions

We have separate pages for the terms and conditions of our different types of event: see the overview page here.

GEA Terms And Conditions

The law and our licensing authority set a whole range of conditions that we must follow. 

If you’re unhappy about someone’s behaviour, then you should ask to speak to a member. They will consult with the Head Steward and decide what to do. 

Note that just because someone makes you uncomfortable doesn’t mean we will ask them to leave! We think that insisting that someone leave the event is a serious matter. We will have to feel confident that the party causing offence is wilfully careless about causing distress. However, we do reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone we consider poses a risk of harm to others, or to ask a person to leave the event should we consider they pose a risk of harm.

Since the event is organized by Buddhists, our criteria for gauging harmony are the five Buddhist precepts.

Be lovely to each other

We ask you to treat everyone with courtesy, patience and respect under all circumstances.  Most of our crew are volunteers: they deserve to be treated with respect and care. 

  • We expect that parents / caregivers bringing children to the Festival are responsible for them at all times they are on site, even if you choose to delegate the care of your child(ren) to another person or group at the Festival.
  • Only open fires, braziers, and BBQs approved by Buddhafield are allowed. In tented areas, we prefer battery or solar charged lighting is used and any cooking by camping gas is outside the tent, away from any flammable materials. Parents are responsible for their children around all fires.
  • No paper sky of Chinese lanterns, please. As well as a fire hazard when lit (e.g. if they’re blown astray onto nylon tents), when they expire, the metal remains are known to fall onto grass and be ingested by animals / livestock badly hurting them.
  • Make sure cigarette butts are properly extinguished, disposed of safely and not left in the ground.
  • Abide by No Smoking signs.
  • For hygiene reasons, only authorised catering outlets are allowed to sell food or drink at the festival. This includes offering food items in exchange for goods or a donation. We strongly recommend that you avoid eating or drinking food stuffs from “fly pitches”.
  • The Green Earth Awakening is a vegan event. We ask you not to bring meat onto the site and if you have to, please do not give it or sell it to others for hygiene reasons.
  • The water provided is labelled for drinking or washing for hygiene purposes. Only use the taps for the purpose they are labelled for.
  • Camp in the correct zone – no live in vehicles are allowed in tented areas. Pay attention to any no-go camping area signs.
  • Solar / Wind power generation only - we do not allow petrol or diesel generators on site.
  • Do not bring dogs, cats or other animals. We will simply ask you to leave with them.
  • This area is  prone to Ticks which may carry bacteria that can cause serous health problems if not treated quickly.  Bring a suitable repellent, check your body frequently, and avoid sitting directly on the ground.
  • Keep driving on site in the vehicle lanes and to the minimum, observe the 5mph speed limit, and avoid reversing.

Only take what is offered

  • Entry for paying participants is from Wednesday morning at 1pm or Friday at midday for weekend ticket holders. Those arriving earlier will be turned away.
  • Have the appropriate tickets to hand when you arrive at the Main Gate. 
  • We also book our crew well in advance, so bringing someone along in the hope that they’ll “sort something out” when they arrive at the site will probably mean they get turned away.
  • Do not trespass onto out-of-bounds fields. They do not belong to us and trespassing would upset the owners and may be unsafe. (We already have a big enough and beautiful enough site for all of us to enjoy.)
  • Don’t help yourself to food or drink intended for crew. Only crew with a wristband and / or a meal ticket are allowed into the crew dining area. 

Avoid inappropriate sexual behaviour

  • There may be more nudity than you are accustomed to. Many people enjoy the freedom to be naked in a safe, mixed environment.
    • You may be comfortable being fully naked, but please offer consideration to those people that, given our culture, find nudity distracting, challenging or even threatening.

Speech and noise

The event is neither a silent retreat nor an all-night party, so we’d ask you to consider our position on both extremes.

  • No unauthorized sound systems or amplifiers. All amplified music must be kept within our license restrictions (please ask the info point if you are unsure of these) and any venue breaking these may be shut down.
  • Be considerate of fellow campers in the camping areas between 23:00 and 07:00
  • There are late-night cafes and music venues that operate within our license — if you’d like to stay up all night and chat around a fire please do — but only around one of our public fire pits.
  • Whilst we are asking participants to be considerate about making noise outside of certain time-frames, within those time-frames there will be amplified music that may not suit your tastes, either in style, volume or times of day.
  • We expect people to play music up to a higher noise limit  at any points between:
    • 9am–11pm, Wednesday–Friday & Sunday,
    • 9am–12pm, Saturday

    If you feel that these times do not suit your preferences, you may wish to reconsider booking tickets or bring ear plugs.

Drugs, alcohol and “legal highs”

A sober, recreational drug and alcohol free environment is what makes Buddhafield events what they are. 

  • Recreational drugs and alcohol are not tolerated at our event. 
  • We reserve the right to search persons, luggage or vehicles as a condition of entry at any point during the event.

And in general...

Ticket holders consent to inclusion in official photographic, visual and audio promotion of the event. We regret that, in most cases, it would be impossible to ask personal permission to reproduce your image.

Any unmanned aircraft/drone, or radio controls of any size or type, are not allowed into the venue  If such a device, or controls for such a device, are found the organisers reserve the right to refuse entry or confiscate the item.

Refunds are at our discretion. If you need one, we will reimburse 80% of the cost of your ticket(s) if you email us your proof of purchase at least two weeks before the start of the event.

The Ticket/Pass/Wristband remains the property of Buddhafield Events at all times.

The organisers reserve the right to alter, curtail or cancel the event.

In the event of cancellation any refunds will be at the discretion of the organisers.

The organisers will not be held liable for any loss, injury or damage to persons or property sustained while attending the event. 

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice and may be updated at any time.

Note that the above is not intended to be exhaustive and the Event Manager will make decisions about appropriate action on a case-by-case basis. Their decision is final.

Green Earth Awakening is a fundraising event for Triratna Buddhafield, Registered Charity No. 1108826