Festival Frequently Asked Questions

Lost Property

What happens to lost property?

Due to the volume of lost property and lack of storage space, we keep non-valuable items for only five days after the festival. We keep valuables (usually keys, phones and bank cards) for up to a month afterwards.
After these times all items are either destroyed or donated to a charity shop.

Where and When

What are the dates for the 2021 Buddhafield Festival?

We’re offering two events this year. They will both be smaller than the festival we usually hold at this time. You can choose to join us for a weekend (9th-11th) or for the five day event (14th-18th).

Where is the Festival site?

About 7 miles south-west of Taunton, Somerset. Taunton is the nearest railway station.
You will get exact directions with your ticket.
We don’t routinely publish exact site location on the site to dissuade random visitors.
Shuttle bus:

  • The Weekender 9,10,11 July – We will run a shuttle bus from the train station on the Friday (to arrive) and Monday (to leave)
  • Buddhafield Festival 15,16,17,18,19 July - We will run a shuttle bus service from the train station on the Wednesday (to arrive), Sunday and Monday (to leave).

What time does the Festival start and end?

The Weekender - Gates open at 10am on Friday, and you need to leave site by Monday morning
Buddhafield festival - Gates open at 10am on Wednesday, and you need to leave site by Monday morning

Can I leave the Festival and get back in?

If you have your Buddhafield Festival wristband, you will be able to re-enter the site when our gate is open. The gate opens at 10am each morning, and closes at 10pm each night

How much are the tickets?

Please see the Book on Event section for ticket prices.

How do I buy tickets?

Online: through this website by credit/debit card.

Please note that we cannot take payments over the phone.

Your ticket is an email ticket, with the subject line 'Your Buddhafield Booking', and this is automatically generated when you book. Please check your spam folders before contacting us about a lost ticket, as we get a large volume of email and are a small team.

Can I get a Concession ticket?

Concessions are for students and those on non-universal benefits (i.e. state pension does not qualify for a concession as it’s a universal benefit, neither does child benefit). Non-universal benefits include child/working tax credits, Universal credit, housing benefit, Disability Living Allowance, etc. You will be asked to upload proof when purchasing

We close concession tickets bookings at the end of June each year, as our office team goes onsite and is unable to process these tickets. We do not sell concession tickets on the gate so you need to purchase by the end of June.

I can’t come for the whole thing. Do you sell weekend or day tickets?

The Festival is at it’s most satisfying for everyone if you come for the whole event. For Buddhafield 2021 we are not planning to sell any 'Weekend only' or Day Tickets. Please book on our “Weekender” for 2021!

I can't find my email ticket - help!

Your ticket is an email ticket, with the subject line 'Your Buddhafield Booking', and this is automatically generated when you book. Please check your spam folders before contacting us about a lost ticket, as we get a large volume of email and are a small team. You may also want to check which email address you booked with, and if you have more than one mailbox, check both.

I can no longer attend the festival. Can I get a refund?

We're sorry you're not able to make our beautiful Festival! We offer an 80% refund of your ticket(s) if you forward your booking email to bookkeeper@buddhafield.com and ask for a refund before the end of June. 


I’d like to volunteer to work at this year’s Festival

Please visit participate.buddhafield.com/festival

Festival Facilities

Are there Cash Machines, ATMs, on site?

No the closest ATMs are in Taunton or Wellington.

I have a disability: can I still come to the Festival?

Yes. There’s some guidance for Disabled ticket holders on the Camping and Live-ins page. You can also contact us via our contact form to be put in touch with our Access Officer, who can talk through any accessibility needs.

We have bookable British Sign Language Interpreters at the Festival, and would very much like to encourage Deaf people to attend.

Can I bring a live-in vehicle or caravan?

Yes, unless it’s a very large motor home (e.g. a Winnebago), a full-size coach or over 7.5 tons. You will need to buy a live-in vehicle pass.

See the Live-ins section of the camping page for complete information.

Can I bring my dog?

We’re sorry, but no. Our experience tends towards seeing dogs inadequately or inconsiderately cared for. Under certain circumstances — including the length of time key crew spend on site — we may offer an exception, but we can’t extend this to ticket holders

Can I buy food at the Festival?

Yes, we expect several stalls on site to be selling fresh fruit and veg. We also hope to have a wholefood stall again this year, who can even bring things in by request. Contact them on arrival (see the site map). There are a number of vegan / vegetarian cafés on site. More information on the food & traders page.

Will there be music? What sort? And when does it stop?!

We offer ample opportunities to practise meditation, but not under retreat conditions. There will be a range of amplified and acoustic music, programmed and impromptu, in various venues and cafés around the site. We have DJ sessions and a number of dance workshops throughout the day. See our performance page for information about Programme Times and our Noise Policy

I’m gay: will I be welcome?


I’m in recovery: will there be anyone I can turn to for support?

Yes, we have Twelve Step Dome for people in recovery from any sort of addiction. Find out about them on our Healing and Bodywork page.


There may be more nudity than you are accustomed to. Many people enjoy the freedom to be naked in a safe, mixed environment. If you, or your children, may find this difficult you may wish to reconsider booking tickets.

You may be comfortable being fully naked, but please offer consideration to those people that, given our culture, find nudity distracting, challenging or even threatening.

I’m a woman coming on my own. I’m a bit nervous...

We provide a Women’s Space, as well as a supportive area for women and mothers in the Association of Radical Midwives yurt. In our recent survey many women said how comfortable and safe they felt coming on their own, as well as the Festival offering a safe space for single mums. Find it on the site map when you arrive: they have a camping area for women only; more on our Areas & Spaces page

I have marquees / solar-power rig / a tractor. Want to hire my gear?

Contact the Site Crew Co-ordinator