The Anuruddha Project

Applications for the 2023 Anuruddha program are now closed. Please check back for 2024 or sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop. 


What is the Anuruddha Project? 

The Anuruddhas were a group of friends living and practising together in the Buddha’s time. When the Buddha visited them, he was very moved by their harmony and compassion, as they had made living together a deep part of their practice. The Anuruddha Project aims to follow this example, providing a place for people to come together to practise deeply together. 

The Anuruddha Project is a 3-month program aimed at those with some meditation experience and a connection to Triratna who want to deepen their practice and experience of right livelihood. There are 8 places on the program. 

One of the core values of Buddhafield is creating community within which people can practise the Dharma in natural settings. Over the course of a season, communities rise and fall as events are put up and taken down. With the Anuruddha Program, we are offering a chance to go deeper within that rise and fall, to build relationships and practice during an extended, focused period of time together. 


What happens during the program?

You will spend the 3 months-  from the end of April to the end of July- working and living as a small spiritual community, held within the larger Buddhafield community. 

Throughout the program you will work on the Buddhafield retreat teams, take part in the retreats and work at Buddhafield Festival, as well as having your own study retreats to support your group. 

During the programme, there will be a week off where you can visit family and friends and stay in a place provided by Buddhafield as well as scheduled rest days and support to get offsite to do washing and personal shopping. 



Is this work paid? Or does it come with any allowance etc? 
This is not a supported role, and does not come with any allowance. However, all your food and drinks will be provided, alongside with transport between events, and offsite to do washing and other personal admin.  

Will I need to pay anything to take part in the Anuruddha Program? 
We are offering the Anuruddha Project in the spirit of dana, and will not be charging anything to take part. 

What food is provided? 
3 organic vegan meals a day, plus snacks and drinks. 

Do you cater for special diets? 
Yes, we do. This will need a more person specific conversation during your application process.

Are you open to those with accessibility needs? 
Yes. If you disclose your needs on your application form, we can have a conversation about how the program could work for you. 

What will the work involve on a day-to-day basis? How many hours a week will I be working/studying? 
This will change a lot. Setting up a retreat, you might work 6-8 hours a day, while on retreat, it might only be 1 hour. Study is similar - it will ebb and flow with the needs of the program. You will have three 5-7-day study retreats through the season, in a bunk house away from the field.  

An average day might look like this during setting up a retreat:
7am - meditation
8.30am - breakfast
9am  - morning circle and check in
9.30-12.30 - work period, with breaks as needed.
12.30 - meditation
1pm - lunch
2.30/3pm - reconvene for work
5.30 - meditation
6pm - dinner
8pm - shrine activity. 

Will I need to provide my own accommodation? 
Yes, a tent or van, plus your own bedding.

What teaching support is provided? 
There will be one order member overseeing the project all the way through, and multiple other order members who will drop in for one or more events through the season.

Are there any behavioural agreements when taking part in the programme? 
Yes, no drinking alcohol or taking drugs while taking part. Also, no fish or meat on any of the sites or events. 

Can I bring  my pets? 

Can you accommodate children?
Unlikely. We will take it on a case by case basis. 

When will I find out if my application has been successful? 
We aim to fill spaces in early 2023.