Entering the Bardo – Exploring the Spaces in Between Working Retreat

Saturday 17 August 2024 to Monday 2 September 2024

Led by: Satyadaya, Jo Fry and Alobhin
Location: Frog Mill, nr. Throwleigh, Devon
Experience level: Open to all
Age group: Adults
Total suggested cost (excluding deposit): Free working retreat - application required
Vehicle Pass: Included 


Late-season working retreat with Satyadaya, Jo Fry and Alobhin.


Centred around work as Practice, this event will make reference to the Bardo T’dol (Tibetan Book of the Dead) text to help us to navigate the “space in between” the village and the Animism Retreat and the end of the Buddhafield retreats season. Those attending will together see the Frog Mill site return to its human-free state. From Form Into Emptiness. There will be Dharma talks, meditation, ritual and fireside chats; all centred around the dismantling of Buddhafield structures and moving the kit off-site.


This working retreat includes participation in the Animism - Kinship with All Life retreat…


About the Animism-Kinship with all life open retreat

Ratnadeva describes the retreat like this: How can we know ourselves in everything? And how do animism and Buddhism cross-pollinate each other? We will explore these questions
in the context of global environmental crisis and the core Buddhist teachings of interconnection and compassion.
The retreat will be led by Ratnadeva, Sanghasiha and Suryamani, and will begin with dinner at around 6pm on 22 August and run to midday on 27 August - see more here


Who is this working retreat for?

To get the most out of this project, you will be an adult of any age with a keen interest in community living, being outdoors soaked in nature, and have a sincere wish to understand Buddhist teachings and how to put them into practice. You will have some experience with Buddhafield, the wider Triratna community, or other Buddhist traditions and be familiar with meditation. 


What time and work commitments are involved?

We are asking for all participants to arrive by 6pm on Saturday, 17 August, and be available to work until 12.30 pm on Monday, 2nd September.

This working retreat will have three phases:

  1. Preparing the site for the Animism retreat, including taking down some structures.
  2. Participation in the Animism retreat as a retreatant, this will include participation in the daily work period, which will be approximately 1 hour
  3. After the Animism retreat is finished, taking down the remaining structures and transporting everything off-site.

In the first and third phases, an average day during these phases might be:

7.30am - meditation
8.15am - breakfast
9am  - morning circle and check-in
9.30am - 12.30 pm - work period, with breaks as needed.
12.30pm - meditation
1pm - lunch
2pm - reconvene for work
4.30pm teaching session
5.30pm - meditation
6pm - dinner
8pm - shrine activity or talk


How do I apply?

You can apply for a place here. We aim to get back to you within 2 weeks of your application. We'll let you know if you have been successful or not, or we may arrange a call to discuss your application further.


A few words about the teaching team

This working retreat will be led by Satyadaya, Jo Fry and Alobhin.



Satyadaya has been an Ordained member of the Triratna Buddhist Order since 2009. Much of his Buddhist life has centred around the London Buddhist Centre, but he’s also been a firm supporter of the Buddhafield project from the beginning and was a full-time member of the Trustees group for six years.

These days, he’s living in Stroud, where he teaches Buddhism and Meditation to a flourishing Sangha.


Jo Fry

Jo has been going to Buddhafield events for many years, particularly the Village Retreat and the festival, and is part of the Buddhafield community. She’s a Mitra (friend) to the Triratna Buddhist Order and is currently training for Ordination.
She lives in Stroud where she has been instrumental in initiating and supporting Buddhist activities. 



Alobhin is a member of the Triratna Order. He was ordained in 2006 and is currently living an itinerant life supporting Buddhafield for much of the summer months. He helps facilitate the Aniruddha project which is an hands on Dharma course for people who are relatively new to the Dharma and Buddhafield. 



Will I need to pay anything to take part in this working retreat?

Because this is a working retreat we are providing this event free of charge.

What food is provided?

3 organic vegan meals a day, plus snacks and drinks. 

Do you cater for special diets?

Yes, we do. This will need a more person-specific conversation during your application process.

Are you open to those with accessibility needs?

Yes. If you disclose your needs on your application form, we can have a conversation about how the program could work for you. 

Will I need to provide my own accommodation?

Yes, a tent or van, plus your own bedding. 

Will I have any duties during the animism retreat?

You will be able to participate in the Animism retreat as a full retreatant, which will include participating in the daily work periods. During the Animism retreat the support team will consist of a team of volunteers with experience of supporting Buddhafield retreats.

Do I need to stay for the whole period?

Yes, we are asking all participants to stay for the whole period.

Are there any behavioural agreements when taking part in the programme?
Yes. No drinking alcohol or taking drugs while taking part. Also, no fish or meat on any of the sites or events. 

The aim of the project is to create a temporary spiritual community together, and we will be working with the 5 Precepts (These are: I undertake the training principle of abstaining from taking life. I undertake the training principle of abstaining from taking the not-given. I undertake the training principle of abstaining from sexual misconduct. I undertake the training principle of abstaining from false speech. I undertake the training principle of abstaining from intoxication.)

Can I bring my pets?
Unfortunately, we can't accommodate pets.

Can you accommodate children?
Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate children on this retreat.