Bowerwood Work Days

This event is no longer open for bookings


Next dates: 18th March, 20th May

Time: 10.50am - 5pm(ish - changing as the seasons and sunset times change)


You are invited

You are invited to join us for a work day on our beautiful land of Bowerwood, on the edge of the Blackdown Hills. You'll find views to the sea, trees a-plenty, and many magical hidden corners to explore. During the day we'll undertake practical access and habitat management work, at the pace that suits you, and you are strongly encouraged to stop for a cup of tea, or just sit for a while and listen to the wind whistling through the tree branches.


What to bring

Come dressed for outdoor work, including stout boots, work gloves, waterproofs and extra warm clothing. Due to Covid restrictions, please come self-reliant with water, a flask of hot drink, lunch and snacks.

If possible, also bring suitable tools, such as spades, mattocks, loppers, pruning & bow saws & knives, however, we will also provide tools, and the means to clean them between users. Compost loos are available, and we will provide hand sanitiser, wipes & soap. There will be a qualified Emergency First Aider on site.


To join

To confirm your intention to attend, please email:, even if you've attended many times before. This is important, to ensure you are covered by our insurance. If you have any health conditions that it would be sensible for us to know about, please let me know at the time. I can also send out directions on request.

If on the day you feel poorly or are experiencing Covid-type symptoms, please do not attend. We have regular workdays at Bowerwood, so there will always be another opportunity to attend.



  • Do not attend if you have Covid-type symptoms, have been asked to self-isolate, or are aware of having had recent close contact with someone exhibiting Covid-type symptoms or with a recent positive test for Covid-19;
  • Wash/Cleanse your hands regularly, and particularly before drinking & eating;