Buddhafield Base

Buddhafield offers a sense of place, purpose and belonging. These are powerful antidotes to the current epidemics of alienation from the natural world, lack of meaning and social isolation.

We connect people with the reliable magic that arises when we offer the liberating teachings of the Buddha in our unique context. 

We host retreats, festivals, land management and other offerings such as our vegan cafe and online events. These create opportunities for meaningful work, care for our world and ecology, authentic community and a celebration of our imaginative capacity.

The Buddhafield Base Project

We are organising and fundraising for a future home for Buddhafield. This is somewhere where we can develop our events and projects to become more effective and sustainable. We are raising £1.7million. Scroll down to find all the ways you can support us now. To be in the loop about future developments, sign up for the dedicated Buddhafield Base newsletter here.

At Buddhafield Base, will develop and grow our four branches: 

Care for Land and Ecology
Land is integral to Buddhafield - it’s where we connect to the elements, strip away our complex lives and live simply, together. Our events take place outdoors and under canvas, embracing a joyful existence in the natural world. 

Authentic Community
In community we find others and we find ourselves. The beauty and challenge of relationships are opportunities for generosity, forgiveness and bravery. These are the qualities that move us beyond our self-centredness.

Meaningful Work
Buddhafield offers opportunities for people to work in teams while creating our events and looking after land and kit. Meeting the challenge of working together outdoors in all weathers develops skills, confidence and our ability to collaborate. The bonding and shared purpose dissolve the sense of isolation felt by many. 

Celebration of Imagination
There are qualities that have drifted to the edge of our daily lives as if they are not robust enough for the serious business of today’s world. At Buddhafield, we seek to re-centre these qualities. Imagination goes hand in hand with renewal and regeneration. 

The opportunity for celebration is never far away. We encourage each other to lighten so that our individual contributions can shine.

What can you do to help?

- Share this page with others through your social media and other networks.

- Sign up for Buddhafield Base communications to keep in touch with the latest developments.

- Follow the general Buddhafield social media (links for these are above).

- Attend upcoming events with Buddhafield Base.

- Look out for our Crowdfunding campaign - launching soon.

The email address for this project is: eco-sattva@buddhafield.com. Get in touch about any of the following:

- Discuss arranging a Buddhafield Base talk at your local centre or online.

- Invest in the project if you are happy to donate or loan us funds.

- Share any contacts you may have who you think would be open to seeing our business plan and investing.

- Let us know if you hear of any leads for funding or grant proposals that might support a project like this.

- Get in touch if you'd like to volunteer with the Buddhafield Base development project.