Body of Bliss 2024

Sunday 12 May 2024 to Tuesday 21 May 2024
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Led by: Maitrijyoti, Muditajina and Viryadeva
Location: Bowerwood, Nr. Broadhembury, E. Devon
Deposit amount: £100
Experience level: Experienced meditators - at least three years
Age group: Adults
Total suggested cost (excluding deposit): standard:£350, supported:£250, donation tier (helping others to come on retreat):£650
Vehicle Pass: Car:£15, Live-in- 6m and under: £30, Live-in- over 6m: £30


See our FAQ for an explanation of the deposit/ dana/ donation tier system. Please do read this is you think that you will not be able to afford the retreat or you are not sure about the deposit/dana/ donation tier system in any way. We have suggested donation amounts to guide you and they relate to what it costs us to run a retreat. However, you are free to give as little or as much as befits your circumstances. 


The Buddha exhorted his followers to cultivate deeper states of unification - samadhi. In particular he gave detailed descriptions of a subset of samadhi states called the dhyanas: absorption in wellbeing, joy, bliss, peace and profound stillness. This retreat offers a range of ways into samadhi, with an emphasis on enjoyment and openness of being. If you think dhyana is out of your reach, please think again and join us on this intensive meditation retreat.


On booking you’ll receive some information on preparing for the retreat.  We recommend booking early so you get this in plenty of time. Please ensure you have the required mediation experience before booking. 


Leader Bios


Maitrijyoti first started to meditate when she came across Triratna in 2006 at the Bristol Buddhist Centre.  Having connections to both Bristol and Buddhafield communities she enjoys an active role in running courses, study groups, and retreats for beginners, mitras to order members.  When first learning meditation, it was the transformational power of the metta bhavana practice that struck her, then later her participation on the team since the first Body of Bliss retreat has led to a deeper interest and exploration of the dhyanas.  In her yoga training she has focused her studies, both theoretically and experientially, on how bodywork can facilitate absorption in meditation.  With a playful, clear and light approach Maitrijyoti enjoys uncovering the creative methods in which indivduals can deepen the qualities of samadhi, actually bring more enjoyment, wonderment and delight to their meditation practice allowing insight to gradually arise. 



Muditajina has been practicing within Triratna since 2010. He has worked for Buddhafield since then, and he is manager of the Buddhafield festival, and men's Mitra convenor for Triratna Buddhafield. He has a love of meditation, emphasising joy and friendship, and exploring the dharma through team based right livelihood.


Viryadeva has been practising with Triratna since 2008, and currently works full time at the Croydon Buddhist Centre as Men's Mitra Convenor. He is also a contributing editor of the Western Buddhist Review, the scholarly journal of the Triratna Buddhist Community. In his practice and teaching, he’s exploring practical ways to make the visionary, imaginal and mystical dimensions of the Dharma more readily available - both on and off the cushion.


Looking for a longer experience? 

This retreat and our Total Immersion  are running back-to-back in 2024. If you would like to book for both for nearly a month’s worth of retreat, that’s wonderful and we warmly invite you to do so.

There is a three-day gap between the events. If you are staying for both and would like to support the retreat team in the preparation and set-up, we will gladly accept your help and host you for free. 

If you’d like to stay for the three days but continue doing your own practice and activities, we are still happy to feed and host you but would ask for an extra Dana contribution of around £10 per day to cover costs. 

In either case, we would ask you to continue to stick to retreat behavioural guidelines during the gap.  

Click here to find out more and to book the Total Immersion


Things to note

  • We have an extensive Retreat FAQ page here. Please read this thoroughly and, if you have a question that isn’t answered, get in touch. 
  • If you are bringing a vehicle to a retreat and it is staying onsite, you need to buy a vehicle pass. This helps us to manage the number of vehicles on our sites as space is very limited. Please do not bring a vehicle if the relevant pass is sold out. Please liftshare where possible or use public transport. We offer pick up from Honiton train station for this retreat.