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Everyone is in wait-and-see mode at the moment so we hope you’ll understand that it’s hard to give a clear picture of what your favourite Buddhafield events will look like in 2021.

That being said, we are committed to being with you on the land and doing what we can to make that happen in accordance with the latest guidelines. Our team is working hard in the background to pivot in response to these challenging times. Our aim, as always, is to create more opportunities to connect to the dharma, the earth and each other.

Look out for upcoming work and practice days, free webinars, introduction to volunteer evenings, online events and courses, and anything else we can dream up to offer. Also, check out our Eco-Sattva project which continues to be a major focus for Buddhafield – now more than ever.

Sending much love to everyone.
The Buddhafield Team ♥


If you feel moved to offer dana to support Buddhafield – you can do so here:

We’ll also be offering more ways to contribute in the near future so watch this space.

Our Next Event

  • washing on the line in the woods
  • 26th May 2021
    No need to book. Click here to join at 7.25pm, 26th May 'Everything you encounter is your life' comes from a beautiful work by Zen master Dogen: The Tenzo Kyokun or Advise to the cook. In this text Dogen expands how cooking is not simply preparing meals but the activity of the Awakened mind. In this webinar we will be looking at a couple of lines from Dogen's work and together finding metaphors...