Sacred Landscape Spring Yatra

Friday 16 April 2021 to Friday 23 April 2021

The Buddhafield Spring Yatra returns, after the strangeness of 2020!  In celebration of the season, and the awakening beauty of the land, we'll spend a week mindfully and silently walking some 70 miles from the rolling hills and hillforts of Devon to the Levels of Somerset and the ancient Isle of Avalon. We'll end with two nights camped on the slopes of Glastonbury Tor and an opportunity to walk the Tor Labyrinth, in and out of the heart of this ancient and mysterious place.

During the day we walk in silence and in single file, allowing space for a deeper awareness to arise of our companions, the landscape, and our own thoughts and feelings. Along the way there will be plenty of pauses for conversation and rest. In the mornings and evenings there will be meditation, talks, discussion and ritual, as well as the basic business of cooking food and making camp. 

Participants will need to be able to walk anything up to 12 miles per day, whatever the weather, and camp with only minimal facilities.  However a luggage van will carry your tent and the food is great!

One of our most popular retreats – book early! 

Deposit: £60
Suggested donation: £500 generosity, £310 standard, £220 supported (For an explanation of donation levels check here

Led By: 
Feniton, Devon to Glastonbury, Somerset via Buddhafield’s land at Bowerwood, near Honiton, East Devon
Retreat Experience: 
Age Group: 
Adults only