Retreat Booking Terms And Conditions

Tickets are sold and bookings made on the understanding that you help maintain the conditions for a safe and harmonious event. 

Our Events are legendarily harmonious and we would like to keep them that way, so we ask that you read the following which aim to make it clear what we think is, and is not, harmonious behaviour.

What we think are "harmonious conditions" will depend upon circumstances.

We have separate pages for the terms and conditions of our different types of event: see the overview page here.

Retreat Terms And Conditions

Some polite requests

Please attend the whole retreat. In this way we build up a tangible sense of ourselves as a community.
We also ask that no one goes off site during the retreat for the same reason (apart from for walks in the beautiful countryside, of course)
There will be plenty of delicious food on site. We ask you to please respect the site as a vegetarian zone and not bring any meat or fish on site. We can help you with any medical dietary needs.
We ask that on the retreat you don’t use electronic devices (mobiles, iPods, computer games, iPads, computers), leaving them at home where possible. This is a rare opportunity for us to unplug for a short while and just be with each other, be with the land, be on retreat. If you need to use your mobile for an essential call, please do so away from others.
We ask you to refrain from alcohol, sexual activity and using non-prescription drugs whilst on retreat, to contain energy and maintain awareness of both yourself and others

Work Period

There will be a work period for everyone of about an hour each day. This brings us together in purposeful activity and helps the smooth running of the retreat for all. Depending on what team you are on, it may happen at a different time. If you won’t be able to take part in work periods, please let us know on the retreat so we can plan accordingly.


For the majority of our retreats you pay a deposit when you book. Retreat deposits are non-transferable and non-refundable.

We offer our retreats on a dana (generosity) basis, and we have suggested donations listed on our website for each event. At the end of the retreat, we will collect any donations either by card, cash or cheque. Please consider giving to support our work and to enable others to enjoy Buddhafield retreats in the future.