Mandate System

Buddhafield organises its work using a Mandate system. Each area of work is separated out and devolved responsibility for decision-making is given to a Mandate Holder. They have a 'resource group' of people with whom they consult about decisions. They also include any other key stakeholders or other Mandate holders for decisions where there is a wider impact. When there is no Mandate Holder, the Trustees are responsible for that area of work.

Mandate Holders meet as a group at least three times per year - usually at our Spring and Autumn Team Retreats, and again in January - to report back on decisions made and actions taken. The resource groups are open to people who would like to get more involved in an area of Buddhafield's work. To contact a Mandate Holder about joining their resource group, please email us

Mandates arranged as Roles in Circles

November 2020

Nested Circles