Mandate System

Buddhafield organises its work using a Mandate system. Each area of work is separated out and devolved responsibility for decision-making is given to a Mandate Holder. They have a 'resource group' of people with whom they consult about decisions. They also include any other key stakeholders or other Mandate holders for decisions where there is a wider impact. When there is no Mandate Holder, the Trustees are responsible for that area of work.

Mandate Holders meet as a group at least three times per year - usually at our Spring and Autumn Team Retreats, and again in January - to report back on decisions made and actions taken. The resource groups are open to people who would like to get more involved in an area of Buddhafield's work. To contact a Mandate Holder about joining their resource group, please email us

Current Mandates and Mandate Holders 

Buddhafield Dharma

(Mandate Holders: Kevala and Sarah Boak)
To coordinate the process for deciding on the next year's theme, including the title for the Buddhafield Festival. To provide written information and support on dharma content for teams and event leaders.

Buddhafield in the City

(Mandate Holder: Vimalaraja)
To hold the focus and ensure the necessary people and resources are available to hold successful fundraising events in cities.

Buddhafield South East

(Mandate Holder: Zoe Deeley)
To hold the focus and ensure the necessary people and resources are available to run successful events in the South East.


(Mandate Holder: Satyadaya)
To ensure the necessary resources and people are in place for the café and it’s events to run successfully

Charity Governance

(Mandate Holder: Trustees holding while person found)
To ensure that Buddhafield is legally compliant and keep abreast of guidance published by the Charities Commission. To produce and deliver reports to Companies House and The Charities Commission as required.


(Mandate Holder: Tom Barnes)
To put on the Buddhafield Festival ensuring the people, resource and governance are in place to run a successful event.


(Mandate Holder: Satyajit)
To ensure Buddhafield is financially compliant, with accurate records and clear budget-setting/monitoring.

Front of House

(Mandate Holder: Sarah Boak)
To process all enquiries, bookings and communication coming into Buddhafield by phone or computer. To manage how Buddhafield uses IT to support front of house activities.


(Mandate Holder: Jayaraja)
To hold the overview on fundraising for the Buddhafield project which includes identification of fundraising strategies, applying for grants and initiating campaigns.

Green Earth Awakening

(Mandate Holder: Rosie Lancaster Barnes)
To hold the focus and ensure the necessary people and resources are available to hold a successful Green Earth Awakening Camp event.

Health Safety and Well-being

(Mandate Holder: Chris Dench)
To hold an overview that supports Health and Safety at events. 


(Mandate Holder: Kamalanandi)

International Retreat

(Mandate Holder: Ruth Phillipson)
To ensure the necessary people and resources are available to contribute to the International Retreat, with clear communication with other parts of Triratna.


(Mandate Holder: Trevor Walker)
Ensuring adequate kit and the storage of this is available to all Buddhafield events.


(Mandate Holder: Paul McFadden)
To be an effective Steward of the land that Buddhafield owns; finding new land suitable for retreats when necessary and commissioning work on the land in liaise with neighboring landowners.


(Mandate Holder: Amaragita)
To ensure the smooth running of the mandate system


(Mandate Holder: Satyadaya) 
To create a programme of events for the year ranging across the cafe, retreats and the crossover events.


(Mandate Holder: Sarah Boak)
To manage all the printed and online publicity for all Buddhafield activities and to propagate the Dharma content of this publicity.

Retreats Management

(Mandate Holder: Siwan Morus)
To ensure the people, resource and governance are in place to run successful retreats.

Sangha Development and Volunteer Coordination

(Mandate Holder: Satyadaya)
To support volunteers in finding opportunities within Buddhafield

Staffing (core team support)

(Mandate Holder: Danaraja)
To coordinate the consultation and decision-making about staffing/employment. To be a point of contact for communication between supported teams and Trustees about staffing/employment issues.

Sustainability, Research, and Development

(Mandate Holder: Tom Barnes)
To keep an overview of the use of resources and identify developments which heighten our sustainability.

Triratna-wide Communication

(Mandate Holder: Jayaraja)
To be a point of contact for Buddhafield within the Triratna Buddhist Community.


(Mandate Holder: Satyajit)
To provide the means of transport for the kit for events, safely, legally and cost effectively, with minimum carbon footprint in mind.

Village Retreat

(Mandate Holder: Kamalanandi)
To hold the focus and ensure the necessary people and resources are available to run a successful event. This includes, planning the content and the development of the event.