Why is Buddhafield a drug and alcohol-free festival?

People in a glade - some in hammocks, some lying in the grass. Sun is shining and the vibe is green and happy.


When people hear about a drug and alcohol-free festival, sometimes the immediate reaction is laughter, nervousness, disbelief and perhaps a ‘lol- no thanks’. If you’ve never been in this kind of environment before, that’s understandable. 

At Buddhafield, the focus is on what happens when you take these things away. It’s not about deprivation; it’s about creating space for a different experience. Genuine connection and joy are hallmarks of the festival, and it provides room to explore more challenging concepts and emotions, such as grief and global issues. 

This creates a safe environment for many people who may not have a comfortable home elsewhere, such as: 

  • The recovery community

We have dedicated recovery spaces on-site throughout the event. This includes 12-step, 8-step and other recovery methodologies – all are welcome. The multi-fellowship gatherings at Buddhafield are rich and connective. Many people credit the festival with being the start of their recovery journey – both because of the support available and due to being in a restorative environment where it’s evident that social gatherings, dancing and acceptance are possible without active addiction. 

  • Families 

Children run free, play in hay bales, and crawl around in the grass. It sounds idyllic because it is! Conscious, open-hearted participants mean that the festival environment stays clean and wholesome. Getting up early with the kids isn’t a lonely experience at Buddhafield – plenty of people are up, smiling and ready to be with others in the early morning light. There’s plenty for kids of all ages to do  - including a teen space. 

  • You

We can all feel isolated and separate from nature and each other. Reaching for anything that will help with the pain inherent in that experience is understandable. And, if you don’t want to do that, it’s vital to find something else that offers a feeling of wholeness. Healing and connection can come slowly, and there’s no guarantee that it will happen over the course of a five-day festival. However, seeds can be planted quickly and nourished over time. People keep coming back to Buddhafield over and over again because they have had that experience. 


Why do conscious celebration and Buddhism go together? 

At its core, Buddhism emphasizes the importance of having a clear and aware mind. Its teachings, practices, and ethics aim to lead individuals towards a deeper and more profound experience of life in its true form. By shedding the illusions of separation and resistance, one can naturally experience celebration, community, and authentic living. This is a crucial path that has the potential to generate immense benefits and foster positive progress in the modern world.


Come and see for yourself

You don’t have to be Buddhist to be at Buddhafield Festival. You don’t have to be living a sober life before or afterwards. All you need is a desire for something different and exciting – a way to connect with other humans, the planet and a sense of inner well-being. See you out there.


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