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Buddhafield Festival 2018 | That’s All Folks!

A man teaching the glass ball juggling technique

Lessons from the Fluid Druid | Image © Mim Saxl Photography 2012

We’re delighted to say that we’ve confirmed the following worskhops so far this year.


Ignite Your Creativity
With Sam Bloomfield. This out of the box workshop uses insights from neuroscience and creative arts therapy to celebrate play and experimentation. It breaks our identification with the past, and with ideas of right/wrong, judgement and criticism. This workshop is about dissolving the status quo, freeing the adult to play again and rediscovering our natural delight in collaboration, artistic creativity and infinite possibility. Participants are facilitated through game, movement, posture and music towards individual and social freedom.

Play Nicely Dear!
With Jonathon Brown. With playful exercises, these sessions will stretch your acting muscles and offer new ways to play, to create and to perform.Come and develop your palette and tools, play with a broader set of choices, and find more freedom to act, both on stage, and in life. We will learn through exercises, games and more.

Fools Like Us
With Jonathon Brown. Improvised Theatre inspired by the Archetype of The Fool. Telling the story of the moment, in the land where anything, any emotion, is possible, from the irreverent to the sacred. From the hilarious to the hallowed. Jonathan is an experienced teacher and group facilitator, and has been teaching theatre, both with the WEA and independently, for over 10 years.

Laughter Yoga
With Joe Hoare. Fun, rampant, outrageous, calming, spontaneous, healing #laughteryogawithJoe

Get Your Game On!
With Amy Guerrier. Theatre and Clown Games for Grown Ups! Get very silly, expressive, creative and loud. We will sing, dance and play to our hearts content! Light-hearted, yet challenging people into wanting to step out of their comfort zone.

Theatre of The Shadow Self
With Laurel Pyne. Celebrating those who wish to connect with life in a deeper way. This workshop offers us a delightful chance to let out those aspects of ourselves we’d rather keep under wraps, and find the jewels and the juice, all in a fun and empowering format. Shame and pain thrive on being kept hidden - this is a chance to give centre stage to our unmentionable horrible bits that only we know about. Shining the light of acceptance and radical joy; being given full permission for acting out and acting up, we get to see and hold each other through ridiculous activities, where criticism and judgement don’t get a look-in. The whole show is whipped along by MC CrazyLove, (aka Laurie!) who keeps the action flowing (through the heart) and the hugs happening. Come and give your beautiful Shadow a taste of the sun!

The Fool Expression
With Christie Animas. Christie guides people inside themselves to access, reveal and play with the masks within. Bringing inspiration and connection with oneself and others. This is a fun and transformative workshop drawn from Frank Anderson’s work.

YOU ARE HERE: Experiments in Walking and Mapping
With Kathryn John. With feet, lines and words we will document the here and now. One step in front of the other, opening our senses. We will explore different ways of mapping what we find, with full permission to make a mess! Using a variety of experimental art processes. Kathryn has been a freelance creative arts and wellbeing facilitator for 10 years, including 4 years with Light Box: The Happiness Project promoting positive mental health, and workshops in schools, art galleries and studio settings.

Adult Games
With Jud. Universal games for adults and children; have fun and enjoy some playfulness together.

Staff Flow Art
With Ziv Bachar. Learn the basics of staff, play around, find your flow, play together. Ziv will introduce ideas and support people to play with the staffs on the Village Green.

Laugh, Play and Let Go!
With Emma Boddy and Betsy Lara Holmes. These sessions help participants get out of their heads and into the moment with fun Improv Games – an opportunity to REALLY express ourselves with a massive dose of laughter – excellent stress reliever and wonderful feel good factor.

Wild Shakti Lope
With Christie Animas. Women, do you wonder what would happen if your ever-flowing Shakti energy inside your body would come to play in the woods with your animal self? Come to find out, and be ready to be surprised. This workshop is an invitation for women to come closer to their Shakti life force and explore the direct connection with their animal form and with nature. For women only. Check at info point for meeting point.

With Rozi Hilton. Feeling feisty? A facilitated space for some consensual Rough and Tumble play. Explore tips and techniques and identify others who like to wrestle, wriggle and roughhouse at your own level. All for fun. All self-regulated. Rozi has learned about the fineries of Playfighting with some international facilitators, but mostly she just likes to do it.

Contributing: Workshop Leaders

Interested in offering a workshop? The Workshops Co-ordinator starts taking proposals from January 1 2018 until March 1 2018.