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Buddhafield Festival 2018 |

A man teaching the glass ball juggling technique

Lessons from the Fluid Druid | Image © Mim Saxl Photography 2012

There’ll be updates on this year’s workshop programme from about the beginning of April on, but below you can see a selection of the workshops we enjoyed last year.


Tribal Body Art
With Katherine Jordan. Working with tribal and tantra practices and live drumming, with our beautiful bodies as a canvas. Fun, invigorating, supportive and playful!

Laughter Yoga
With Joe Hoare. Wonderful, life-enhancing, connecting, joyous laughter yoga fun – engages body, voice, breath, mind, spirit with lots of spontaneity and playful exercises.

Adult Games
With Judd & with Erwin. Universal games for adults and children; have fun and enjoy some playfulness together.

Improvisation Games
With Emma Boddy. Laugh, connect, play – say yes! Be in the moment with these fun improvisation games, a safe and supportive atmosphere for participants to take risks and step into new territory, allowing the possibility for a new perspective.

Fool's Guide to... You
With Jonathon and Annika Brown. Step off a cliff, fall or fly, come and play. Playful theatre-based games and exercises inspired by The Fool with award-winning Jonathan Brown.

Emergence Theatre
With Agata Krajewska. Work with presence, embodiment, improvisation, witnessing and being witnessed, connection to the field, creative expression and breaking inner restrictions. We will approach performance as a process, not product, and a gateway to discovery and healing with a blend of fun, depth and creativity.

Sacred Clowning
With Zuma Puma. Join Canadian comic healer Zuma Puma in receiving your inner child medicine. Be seen, heard and silly in Sacred Clowning.

True Story Slam

Contact Juggling and Balloon Modelling
With Dimitri Ogden. Contact juggling is a circus art that involves rolling and manipulating a clear sphere around the body or hands producing an illusion that the ball is floating. With balloon modelling, enter a bendy world of colour and imagination where anything is possible. For all ages.

Creative Writing From a Shamanic Viewpoint
With Ocean Ananda Hillfon. We will go on a shamanic drum journey with the intention of asking for guidance related to our writing. Experience an abundance of ideas and write from the heart rather than from the head.

Body Poetry & Learn To Play Again
With Sam Bloomfield. Explore ways of accessing words that come from the body using rhythm and movement and simple games to kickstart the art of writng, and experience simple tools from dance, psychotherapy and contact improvisation to deepen trust in spontaneity.

The Poetics of Presence
With Matti Spence. Using creative writing as a tool for expanding awareness. Looking at how Buddhist poets use short poems to express and honour the mystery and beauty of the present moment, we will use short haiku-style poems as a way of expanding our awareness and as a tool for minfulness.

Pencil and Paper
With Jonathon Brown. Leap off the page, enjoy the scrawl, come and scribble; playful creative-writing exercises to make you fly, with award-winning playwright Jonathan Brown (Something Underground Theatre Co). Bring pencil and paper.

Creative Writing
With Rachel Ingrams. A warm and intuitive writer and tutor with a love for our true stories and discovery through writing. Workshops on the theme of Magic and Loss, Desire and Transformation.

Contributing: Workshop Leaders

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