Workshops: Mythic, Shamanic & Therapeutic

Buddhafield Festival 2018 | That’s All Folks!

A wooden slat with a poem painted on it, set in the grass.

Poem by Akuppa | Image © Mim Saxl Photography 2012

We’re delighted to say that we’ve confirmed the following worskhops so far this year.

Shamanic Journeying
With Northern Drum. We provide a safe and grounded space for people to experience a different reality which is spiritual in nature. Come and experience Shamanic journeying to the lower, middle and upper worlds. Part of an international organisation called Northern Drum Shamanic Centre, we have 20 years experience of practising shamanism.

Tribal Body Art
With Katherine Jordan. Fun, playful and deep workshop sessions, with a flavour of our ancestral roots. We work in a tribal, ritualist way to celebrate our dreams and honour each others bodies, to offer paint with intention and presence. The paints we use are all kinds of natural materials like Clay, Charcoal, and Turmeric. We will get earthy and tribal, with live drumming!

Trauma/Tension Release Exercises
With Nandan O’Leary. Together we will create a safe space and explore being present in our body. I will invite you to join me in a simple sequence of exercises to assist the safe activation of a natural reflex mechanism of shaking. This practice can help to release muscular tension and calm the nervous system, allowing the body to return to a state of balance.

Identity Constellations
With Ruth Culver. Who are you beneath who you had to become? This deep body-mind process reveals and heals the survival strategies that run us, and the buried parts resulting from childhood attachment trauma. Identity Constellations grew out of Family Constellations, so they look similar at first but, we work with parts of the Self/Psyche, and the process is built on current attachment & trauma theory. Ruth Culver is an Integrative Clinical Hypnotherapist & Identity Constellations Facilitator and has been working as a therapist in private practice for 9 years.

‘Who Are You Behind The Mask?’
With Julita Ostrowska/Flow Infinito. A fusion of dance, guided meditation, mask making, shamanic drumming and rituals to discover the True Self hidden behind the mask. Flow Infinito offers movement, art therapy and mindfulness, facilitating the awakening of creativity and vitality.

Laughter Therapy
With Sharon Cooper. We will be diving into love, warmth and heart connection with ourselves and others through laughter. Free your spirit, feel free and alive, go deep with earthy laughter – I am freedom, I breathe Heart Truth, Wildness, Love and Laughter...come laugh with me!

Journey to the Heart
With Tallulah Rendall. Tallulah has been working with sound for over 20 years and within these sessions combines Himalayan Singing Bowls, Voice, an Earth Gong and shamanic percussion to take the listener on a journey to the heart, enabling deep relaxation and letting go of that which no longer serves.

TranceFormation From Within
With Ed Rooke. Discover the transformational power of your unconscious mind. Through sensation, image and intimacy we’ll be attuning to a sacred space of possibility to create what you most want and open to the freedom of being yourself completely.

Freedom From the Critic Within
With Ed Rooke. Build an awareness of judgement in your inner life to reclaim your true power. You’ll be guided to observe and break free of internal dynamics that hold you back. Ed uses a combination of techniques from hypnotherapy, generative trance and shadow work to guide people into a somatic experience of their own fullness.

Contributing: Workshop Leaders

Interested in offering a workshop? The Workshops Co-ordinator starts taking proposals from January 1 2018 until March 1 2018.