Food & Traders

Buddhafield Festival 2018 | That’s All Folks!

A trader's trailer selling curries; sharp contrast under lamps at night

Mouthwatering! | Image © Mim Saxl Photography 2012

Whether you’d like to dine out three times per day or prepare you’re own meals, we offer a range of quality foods to delight your pallet.

I’ve been coming for 10 years because it’s a safe peaceful place where I’m accepted and loved just as I am.



All our cafés sell either vegetarian or vegan food. (We have no meat or fish.)

Chai Shop

The Chai Shop, best known for the perfect falafels! Photograph courtesy Mim Saxl 2011.


We hope to have an on-site Nurtured by Nature store (based in Wellington town centre), selling cereals, soya milk, teas, eco-toiletries including nappies. Sunseed provided a daily shopping service, taking orders and providing the goods the same evening or following morning.

We expect there to be at least one stall selling fresh fruit and veg.

Shops, Fly Pitches and Campaign Stalls

We will have the Buddhafield Shop, courtesy of Dhiramati’s Buddhist Images, which offers a wealth of beautiful Buddhist hangings, statues, jewellery, gongs, postcards etc.

There will also be a host of traders, fly pitches and not-for-profit campaign stalls.

Contributing: Traders

We make a distinction between a trader and a campaign stall. You’re a Trader if you are primarily selling goods of any sort. You’re a Campaign Stall if you’re principally raising awareness of a social, ethical, political or charitable issue.

Food Traders

Please note that we currently have sufficient caterers.

Please visit the traders application page.