Camping and Live-Ins

Buddhafield Festival 2018 | That’s All Folks!

A view over a hedge into a field of tents.

The main camping field is lush | Image © Mim Saxl Photography 2011

On this page you can get some idea of the layout of the Festival site, sufficient to enable you to plan your camping and Live-in options. There’s information about designated Women’s Camping as well as guidance for people with disabilities.

There is something for every generation to enjoy so was a great experience to share with my young son and ageing mum!

Unloading and Packing your Car

For safety reasons we are unable to allow ticket holders’ vehicles down from the car park to the camping areas to unload/pack. This doesn’t apply to caravans: see the notes on Live-ins, below. Please be aware that you will have to walk with your belongings from the car park to wherever you choose to camp.

So — for your own sake — please don't bring the proverbial kitchen sink with you!

The Camping Areas

We expect all camping areas to be fairly quiet at night, but please avoid camping in any of the arena fields if you’re a light sleeper: anyone wishing to stay up late and socialize will be asked to go to these central fields, where venues will be open into the night for this purpose. Please see the performance page for more information about programme times.

The Women’s Space is open for camping to all women. For safety reasons we can’t accomodate Live-in vehicles. Children are welcome, but no boys over 4 years old, please.


A “live-in” is defined as any vehicle in which you intend to sleep while on site. Live-in vehicles are only allowed to park in the Rings Field. A live-in is a not a people carrier, or any other medium sized vehicle you want to park near (i.e. for storage). If you buy a Live-in pass for a vehicle that’s not going to be lived in, we’ll refund the difference in passes and you will need to leave the vehicle in the car park.

We can’t accept very large motor homes (e.g. Winnebagos), full-size coaches (neither of these will make it through all the gates) or vehicles over 7.5 tons (which will put stress on a small bridge on site). A proportion of the money from the car parking goes towards permaculture and tree planting projects on Buddhafield land.

Each vehicle gets it’s own 6m x 4m bay. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to have tents pitched immediately next to vehicles (in either the same or the next bay). Awnings are ok, but if you have a tent with you it will need to be pitched in a designated “Asscociated Camping” area, 4m away, over a fire lane. Please ask the live-in vehicle marshal for assistance with this when you arrive.

If you bring a caravan (ie something towed behind a car) You’ll be allowed to drive down to unhitch, but we’d like the car to come back to the car park afterwards.

Live-ins at Buddhafield

This is a live-in opposite an Associated Camping area. There’s a 4m fire lane between the camper and the tent.

Camping Area Facilities

The facilities page goes into more detail about general amenities. All designated camping areas are serviced by compost toilets, sinks and taps. First Aid is open 24 Hours a day for the duration of the Festival. We have hot shower facilities (and several saunas) distributed around site. (See the site map in your programme for locations.)

Live-ins at Buddhafield

This is a block of six compost toilets (three pairs in this example). There’s at least one sink with tap water next to all toilets.

Disabled Ticket Holders

We welcome people with disabilities, but ask you to consider the natural limitations and obstacles our site presents before you purchase your ticket(s).

The Festival is distributed across a total of four fields, gently sloping on both sides of a valley.

Most tracks have a slope, tend to be uneven and gravelly. In very bad weather tracks between the lower arena fields (Rings and Owl) into the Long Field will be challenging for wheelchairs; entrances in and out of all fields get muddy after persistent rain. People do use motorized chairs around site, but please check that your model can cope with mixed terrain.

For safety reasons, we are unable to allow free passage of cars between fields for any reason, so please do not a consider a motor vehicle bigger than a motorized chair as a viable mode of transit around site.

At present we don’t offer signing for talks or workshops, nor a festival programme for the hard of seeing, but please contact the festival office to ask about particular assistance we can offer; if we know in advance, we can plan to help you. Once you’re on site, ask at the Info Point for any specific help and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

If you are a ‘Blue Badge’ holder, it’s not necessary to buy a vehicle pass (for a car or live-in). Please show the badge to the stewards on arrival.