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This page has complete information about buying Festival tickets. You can see the current state of availability, book and pay by credit/debit card (via PayPal), find out about Concession Tickets, postal bookings (cheque payments), Day Tickets and what to do if you need a refund.

You create a place to call home and a place which feels safe on so many levels.

Entry to the Buddhafield Festival is subject to terms and conditions, we recommend you have a look at the Terms and Conditions page and please consider our policy on alcohol and other drugs before buying tickets.

Questions and Queries

Please check the FAQ first.

If you have any enquiries about ticketing please call the onsite ticket office on 07493 300 016.


This year we are not posting out physical tickets. You will receive a "Proof of Purchase" email when your booking transaction is complete. You will need to print the "Proof of Purchase" email and bring it with you to collect your wristbands on the gate.

Tickets can currently be purchased:

  • Online by credit or debit card using the booking form below. Payment will be processed by PayPal (you don’t need your own Paypal account).
Booking Form
Buddhafield shopping basket
Don't forget to buy a vehicle pass if you're coming in your own transport, 1 per vehicle.
Early Bird£120Sold Out
Young Person (6 - 17)£50
Child (0 - 5)£0
Car Pass£30
Live-in Vehicle Pass£40
Concession [ More info ]£95No longer available: deadline passed

Early Bird Tickets

We release a limited number of cheap full event adult tickets. The Early Bird catches the worm so get them while they are available.

Child/Young Person Tickets

Our children's area coordinator has written a letter for parents wanting to apply for authorised absence during term time. This initiative is supported by the the educational liaison officer of the Association of Independent Showman's organisation. Download and print this document to accompany a personal letter to your child's teacher.

Festival Concession Tickets & Postal Bookings

The deadline for concession and postal (cheque payment) bookings has passed; concessionary tickets are no longer available.

Vehicle Passes

Of the five fields we use for our Festival, two are used primarily for parking vehicles (the Rings and Reception Fields). We charge a fee per vehicle partly to help cover the costs of renting these fields and partly to buy tree saplings, which get planted on our own land, to go someway towards offsetting our carbon footprint.

Please consider using public or shared transport as far as possible.

Festival Weekend Tickets

We are very keen that people come for the whole event: the Festival is planned as a five-day experience, to build community and connection, which is diminished if significant numbers of people arrive later.

For Buddhafield 2018 we are not planning to sell any 'Weekend only' tickets this year.

Festival Day Tickets

These will be available on Sunday 22 July only from the Ticket Office on site (there is no advance purchase option). Adults (17+) £40; children and vehicles free.

Please check the website before you travel to the Festival: Day Tickets are sold proportional to numbers on site and will not be sold at all in bad weather.

Cash or cheque only: we are unable to accept payment by credit/debit card on site!

Please note there are no ATMs on site, bring your cash with you.

Festival Ticket Refunds

We are sorry but the deadline for refunds was 5 July 2018. There is now no-one in the office to process returned tickets (the office has moved to the Festival site).

We do not offer downgrade refunds from full Adult tickets down to Weekend only, nor cash refunds at the Ticket Office on site.