Theme 2019

Evolution or Extinction


We are facing world problems on a huge scale which could mean extinction for the human race. Many of these problems stem from people forming into ‘groups’ and the power that groups can exert. To counter this, we need to evolve our consciousness and become what Sangharakshita calls ‘true individuals’. True individuals have refined emotional states, such as compassion, love, and joy. Even a small number of true individuals with evolved consciousness can have a huge effect on the population. So, to really evolve we need to develop ourselves. We need to meditate and come into contact with what is real, what is ultimate, what is True. To do this we can simplify our lives, and base our lives on ethical principles, refining our emotional states and connecting with beauty through the arts. And, as true individuals, we can connect together in spiritual communities where we support each other to really be ourselves.