The Buddha and the Bodhi Tree: Exploring the Buddha’s Relationship With Nature - Webinar with Dhivan

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No need to book. Click here to join at 7.25pm, 29th September (starts at 7.30pm)


We all know that the Buddha became awakened sitting beneath a Bodhi tree, but what does this mean? Was the Bodhi tree an actual tree or is it a symbol? In this webinar, Dhivan will draw on canonical texts and on the traditional life-stories of the Buddha to explore the Bodhi tree as a sacred tree, the Tree of Life, and the navel of the world, and how all this is relevant for our own Dharma practice


About Dhivan

Dhivan is a Triratna Order member who teaches philosophy and religion at the University of Chester, with a special interest in Buddhism and the environment. 


No need to book. Click here to join from 7.25pm, 29th September (starts 7.30pm)



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Tree Photo by Felix Mittermeier from Pexels
Buddha Photo by Ton Sanitprem from Pexels