Talks and Discussion at GEA

Speakers and Panel Discussions


Thurs: Deep Adaptation – with Jem Bendell followed by group work and reflection


Fri: Climate Justice as Economic and Racial Justice – Panel Discussion


Sat: Love in the Time of Extinction: Dharma Practice, Non-Violent Civil Disobedience and Extinction Rebellion- How practices of awakening and compassion converge with conscientiously choosing to break the law. Yanai Postelnik - Talk


Sat: Buddhism and Direct Action – An Inquiry


Sun: Evolve AND Die - Kamalanandi will share his own take on some dharma essentials that can equip us for political and environmental turmoil - Talk


Sun: Moving Forward – Open space session for participants to offer discussion topics, share projects for next steps


Asad Rehman is the executive director of War on Want, where he organizes to put an end to poverty and injustice. Prior, he was the head of international climate at Friends of the Earth. Rehman has over 25 years of experience in the non-government and charity sector. He has served on boards of Amnesty International UK, Friends of the Earth International, Global Justice Now, and Newham Monitoring Project.

Jem Bendell is a Professor of Sustainability Leadership and founder of the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability at the University of Cumbria. He regularly comments on current affairs and approaches that may help humanity face climate-induced disruption

Yanai Postelnik has been involved in spiritual practice and exploration for much of his adult life.Born in Switzerland, of mixed European and Asian parentage, he grew up in New Zealand. Deeply concerned by what he saw around him, and in the world,  he became involved in activism as a teenager and had a brief though not unsuccessful career as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand. Seeking a more deeply fulfilling way of living, he left his home in 1988, aged 23 and spent a few years travelling internationally as a way of exploring himself.

Kirsten Kratz has practised Buddhist meditation in Asia and the West since 1993. She started teaching in 2006. One of her particular passions is exploring how wisdom teachings can foster appropriate responses to the challenges of our time; she supports those on personal retreat in Gaia House and is co-initiator of the Dharma Action Network for Climate Engagement

Kamalanandi has a commitment to engaging in effective communication, drawing on his training in ethics and the principles of NVC. A meditator for two decades, he is passionate about enabling people, through meditation, to engage more fully with their experience of being human and to deepen their understanding of interconnectedness.

Yogaratna is passionate about environmental and social issues and is also an avid meditator