Spring Yatra 2023

Saturday 8 April 2023 to Friday 14 April 2023
This event is no longer open for bookings

Led by: Lokabandhu & team
Location: Harlech to Tywyn
Deposit amount: £75
Experience level: Open to all
Age group: Adults
Total suggested cost (including deposit): standard:£350, supported:£250, donation tier (helping others to come on retreat):£575 

See our FAQ for an explanation of the deposit/ dana/ donation tier system. Please do read this is you think that you will not be able to afford the retreat or you are not sure about the deposit/dana/ donation tier system in any way. We have suggested donation amounts to guide you and they relate to what it costs us to run a retreat. However you are free to give as little or as much as befits your circumstances. 


We will be walking and meditating together on a Buddhist-inspired pilgrimage through the ancient sacred landscape of Britain.

The Buddha's followers were 'Yatrikas', or wanderers; we will be evoking the way of life of the very earliest Buddhists. We'll be aligning ourselves with the most ancient traditions of Buddhism as well as following the ancient trackways of Britain, at a very beautiful time of year. 

This is a walking retreat and a mindful celebration of our land and its primordial energies. During the day we will walk in silence and in single file; allowing space for a deeper awareness of and harmony with our walking companions, the ancient landscape, and our own thoughts and feelings.  Along the way there will be plenty of pauses where we can talk. Mornings and evenings there’ll be meditations, talks, discussions and rituals as well as the basic business of cooking food and making camp. 

During the day there will be a van to transport our gear, leaving us free to walk with only minimum baggage. The van team will go ahead, set up camp, and cook food for that night. There is a small Buddhafield team helping to run the event, but we will ask for volunteers daily to be drivers, cooks, etc. 

We'll walk an average of around 10 miles a day.

Things to note
We have an extensive Retreat FAQ page here. Please read this thoroughly and, if you have a question that isn’t answered there, get in touch