I Am Because We Are – Meditation Retreat

Saturday 1 May 2021 to Saturday 8 May 2021


‘We will not end…any form of human evil…by trying to tear it to pieces. Instead, we can offer people better ways to belong and better things to belong to.’
- Resmaa Menakem
My Grandmother's Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Mending of Our Bodies and Hearts


We all yearn to find and engage with others in spaces of deep meaning and heart-felt belonging, where we are each doing our own work in authentic connection with one another. This is the ideal of Beloved Community.

Our dharma practice provides a crucible where we hold the tension between our ideals and what is happening now, which sometimes feels very far from our ideals.

How do we show up for ourselves and others with an attitude of openness and curiosity? Willing to see clearly the parts of us that are both longing for freedom and those still in the shadows, confused, or actively resisting change?

These questions are relevant to how we work internally and also how we engage in beloved community. The answers are the ground from which true inclusivity can take root, grow and flourish, creating beloved community from the inside out.

Over the week we’ll explore the following:

  • Our intentions for practising and our vision for liberation for ourselves and others
  • How our unique conditioning shows up in the space of meditation and how we relate to what’s happening now
  • Embodiment as a radical act
  • The role of joy and pleasure in opening to ourselves, one another and the world
  • How a creative response to fear, grief and anger can support our efforts towards collective liberation
  • The co-created and interconnected nature of experience and reality



About Singhashri

Singhashri is a Buddhist meditation and secular mindfulness teacher curious about what our world needs now and how to help. Singhashri believes in meditation as a means to awakening to love, beauty and truth and they have committed to supporting collective awakening and the joy and freedom found there.     




Deposit: £60

Suggested donation: £500 generosity, £310 standard, £220 supported (For an explanation of donation levels check here

Vehicle pass: £10

Led By: 
Singhashri & team
Bowerwood, nr. Honiton in East Devon
Retreat Experience: 
Six months or more meditation experience
Age Group: 
Adults only