Heart Space (for trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming people)

Monday 15 June 2020 to Friday 19 June 2020

Gather with a gender diverse community and take the opportunity to immerse deeply in nature and connect more fully with yourself.
Nourish your body with hot tubs, guided meditation, bodywork, and delicious vegan food.

No previous experience of buddhism or meditation necessary


Additional information: We’re aware that we have not yet published information around physical accessibility. This is due to some changes around which site we will be using. Once we have more information we will put it here and on the website. Bear in mind however that this is a camping retreat located in fields or moorland. There is the option to bring live-in vehicles.

All food is vegan, in keeping with the aims and objectives of Buddhafield. We are able to cater for restricted diets in the form of a simple gluten free grain and steamed vegetables but ask you to supply a vegan protein source that works for you. The menus and preparation are planned and overseen by team members but retreatants will form part of the cooking teams. Similarly we share out other tasks around the camp in the form of a daily work period. You would not be asked to do any tasks that you are physically unable to do.

We have a washing area with outdoor showers and hot tubs. The showers have some privacy and you should wear whatever you are comfortable with in the hot tubs as long as the clothing is clean. It is not unusual for people to be naked in the hot tubs, again we recommend you do what you are comfortable with. We can discuss this and any other areas of sensitivity as a camp once we are all settled in and work out how we want to run things in a way that suits us.

There will be a daily programme of events covering meditation (taught) introduction to buddhism, body work (yoga, body scans etc) and nature connection. None of these are compulsory, retreatants are invited to attend whatever they think will be useful to them. In addition to this there will be small groups for daily checking in, facilitated by team members and possibly affinity groups if this feels useful.

Led By: 
Kamalanandi (Jack Lyus) and Eweryst Zaremba (from Ecodharma/Ulex)
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Retreat Experience: 
Open to all trans/non-binary people
Age Group: 
Adults only