Body of Bliss: Metta and Samādhi 2022

Tuesday 24 May 2022 to Wednesday 1 June 2022
This event is no longer open for bookings

This retreat explores the relationship between loving-kindness and ‘samādhi’: the meditative states of harmony and deep wellbeing that the Buddha describes.  The opening of the heart that accompanies loving-kindness can be a doorway to samādhi; and samādhi can help the heart to open more fully.  

If you’ve often struggled to settle and drop deeply into meditation, maybe this retreat can offer some new possibilities. Living on the land in the beauty of nature is also a great support for this kind of practice.  


Leaders Bios


Viryadeva has been practising with Triratna since 2008, and works full time at the Croydon Buddhist Centre. He is also a contributing editor of the Western Buddhist Review, the scholarly journal of the Triratna Buddhist Community. In his meditation practice and teaching, he’s exploring practical ways to make the visionary, imaginal and mystical dimensions of the Dharma more readily available - both on and off the cushion. 

Dayajoti first met meditation and Buddhism through Buddhafield at the Big Green Gathering festival in 1997. Her passions include supporting people in their meditation practice; teaching retreats; leading dance meditation; and being part of creating authentic community and a Buddhism that is joyful, earth-revering and soulful. Dayajoti has meditations and talks online on both Free Buddhist Audio and Insight Timer.

Yoga for all levels, drawing on hatha flow and yin practices, encouraging a more accepting, sensitive and open relationship with our bodies, hearts and minds. 


Led by: Viryadeva and Dayajoti with yoga from Maitrijyoti
Location: Buckfastleigh, South Devon
Deposit amount: £80
Total suggested cost (including deposit): donation tier:£580/ standard:£360/ supported:£240 (see our FAQ for an explanation of the deposit/ dana system) 
Experience level: Order members and mitras with around 4+ years experience
Age group: Adults 


Things to note

  • We have an extensive Retreat FAQ page here. Please read this thoroughly and, if you have a question that isn’t answered, get in touch. 
  • If you are bringing a vehicle to a retreat and it is staying onsite, you need to buy a vehicle pass. This helps us to manage the number of vehicles on our sites as space is very limited. Please do not bring a vehicle if the relevant pass is sold out. Please liftshare where possible or use public transport. We offer pick ups from Totnes train station for this retreat.