Awakening to a life of deep meaning: Beginner's Retreat 2022

Wednesday 17 August 2022 to Sunday 21 August 2022
This event is no longer open for bookings

Led by: Alobhin, Ratnadeva and team
Location: Frog Mill, nr. Throwleigh, Devon
Deposit amount: £45
Total suggested cost (including deposit): donation tier:£320/ standard:£200/ supported:£140 (see our FAQ for an explanation of the deposit/ dana system) 
Experience level: Beginners. Young people can come with their parents if they are interested in taking part. 
Age group: Adults and young people over the age of 15 (Please get in touch if you want to book a place for a young retreatant as there are some extra layers of requirement for attendence.) 


This human life is of the greatest value imaginable. However this may not always be apparent. Life can sometimes seem overly difficult and/or pointless. This retreat will teach the ways of finding purpose and meaning by learning to open up and tap great reservoirs of resources that we may not ordinarily be aware of. You don’t need to become a Buddhist to find these teachings of great benefit and put them into practice.


What is a Buddhafield Retreat like? 
Buddhafield retreats take place under canvas and vast open skies, in gorgeous fields and woodlands. This event is held on our land near Throwleigh in East Devon. A river runs through the middle of the site and it is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna.

A retreat is an opportunity to step aside from everyday life, giving yourself the time and space to meditate, reflect and connect. This allows a natural unfolding of beauty, both within and without. Temporary communities are born and everything is facilitated by experienced teachers and support teams.

We provide three delicious, vegan meals per day as well as hot drinks and hot water and showers. 

Leader Bios


Alobhin was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in 2006. He first came along to a Buddhafield retreat in 1996. He is currently an itinerant Buddhist practitioner who is tremendously grateful for the teachings he has received over the years and wishes to share them as widely as possible.


Ratnadeva spent a decade working with Buddhafield, mainly on retreats and the Festival. For the past seventeen years he has been exploring how Buddhism and nature spirituality, particularly the Druid tradition, complement each other. He is currently working full-time with the West London Buddhist Centre and coming to terms with living in The Big City.'

Things to note

  • We have an extensive Retreat FAQ page here. Please read this thoroughly and, if you have a question that isn’t answered, get in touch. 
  • If you are bringing a vehicle to a retreat and it is staying onsite, you need to buy a vehicle pass. This helps us to manage the number of vehicles on our sites as space is very limited. Please do not bring a vehicle if the relevant pass is sold out. Please liftshare where possible or use public transport. We offer pick up from Whiddon Down bus stop for this retreat.