Music and DJs at Buddhafield Festival

Programme Times

Please see the programme boards at Info Point, or outside individual venues for the times of a particular performer. There will be amplified music, bands and DJ sets programmed until:

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday: 11pm
Saturday: Midnight.

Noise Policy

Outside of the times above, levels of noise drop dramatically, but don’t stop completely. This means we’re happy for people to perform ‘unplugged’, sing or chant together unrestricted, unless the volume intrudes into designated camping areas. If you have children or your rest would be easily disturbed, please camp away from venues and communal fires. More about the options on the camping and live-ins page.

We ask people to be considerate about drumming at all times, but especially after dusk. No drumming at all after the end of amplified music (see above) until at least 10am.


Waldo's Gift
Waldo’s Gift is a contemporary instrumental trio of three young stars of the latest
generation of Bristol-based jazz talent. Their hybrid of math, electronic and jazz
styles ‘owes as much to Flying Lotus as John Coltrane’(BBC 3 Jazz Now) 

Patrick Duff
Buddhafield welcomes the enigmatic and superbly talented Patrick Duff.
Patricks' body of work speaks for itself. This is an artist not to be missed. Prepare to be
moved by his music.

Mobius Loop
Mobius Loop create gloriously eccentric gypsy folk stories, fusing world music and
conscious rap with eruptions of free-form dance charged with an intimately powerful and
intense energetic live performance.

Holly Parker - Jervis
Welcome to an initiation of my Buddhist practice through my poetry. I spent a year writing a
poem every day centred around Gratitude which I will be sharing some of with you, plus
other magical gems from other times in my life.

She Robot
Edgy, raw, beatbox and bass driven sensual sounds, layered to perfection to create a
mesmerising performance which is powerful yet ethereal.

Uplifting acoustic-pop with a touch of the mystical. The music is beautiful, enchanting, uplifting,
technically impressive and extremely accessible.

Martha Tilston
“Sharp, original songs that dissect the modern world. She captures both the harshness
and enchantment of life” Guardian

River Roots
Internationally touring acoustic singer-songwriters from the UK.
Who play powerful, good vibe, alt-acoustic roots music.

With influences from the jazz era of the early 1900s and gypsy music from Europe,
Skedaddle has formed to bring this joyous good time sound wherever we go.

Wing Faced Earth Figs
A folksome fourpiece Spinning rich lyrical tales along a magic carpet ride of epic swinging
fig folk. Dive in & be waltzed out of the darkness!

Dynamic, Multi-instrumental funky musicians delivering celebratory,
uplifting, hypnotic, life-affirming music. Not To Be Missed. Those who
were lucky enough to be there, still talk of their performance at
Buddhafield last year.

Olivia Fern
“Incredible melodies, voice, lyrics and soul.” – BBC Introducing
"One of the best voices I’ve ever heard"- Tom Salmon BBC host

Roots Afro Soul
Roots Afro Soul is not only a genre of music it is a Movement. Roots Afro Soul or R.A.S is
calling into resonance roots music from across the globe.

The Buddhafield legends return. Folk, roots, blues and Americana with an original twist. 

Singer-songwriter Kimwei brings captivating songs that unravel and bring light to the
darkest corners as though he’s giving each member of the audience an individual hug
(Featured on Sky Arts Guitar Star Series 1, BBC Radio Devon, XR London Pink Boat)

Hands of the Heron
With tight vocal harmonies at the core, Hands of the Heron weave song-stories of love,
loss and magical happenings. Based in Bristol, UK, they have been performing for more
than two years as a female-led songwriters collective. 

Julius Way
Julius Way plays music best described as Dreamwalking Folk. It is the musical project of
Matthew Adams.

7 piece world music Band Playing original tunes inspired by music from across the globe..

SeIze The Day
They’re back. Whatever needs to change or be defended in this world, we sing to make
you laugh about it, cry about it, dance about it – maybe even inspire you to believe that
you can DO something about it!

Algy Behrens
The most talented multi-instrumentalist you’ll ever see. Algy has toured the globe with his
music. His projects and influences are vast, rich and always make for a moving

Buba Tubab
African drumming and percussion group playing high energy traditional West
African rhythms for dance.

Jean Watson
The singer -songwriter with all the charm. Jean will weave tales and depict stories that will
make you laugh and melt your heart. Yes Please.

Lea La Zelle
Music to move you. Lea La Zelle is a talented songwriter who’s performances are renown
the world over.

Impossible Monsters
Maps to the magic kingdom. Bristol based indie band charged with personal, political and
sometimes satirical energy.

Susie Ro
Music is the breath i breathe and my deepest inspiration - it flows through all i see around
me, in the trees, through the wind, songs pouring in on the ocean tide.

Maya Love
Maya Love (lead singer of Dragonsfly) performs her songs of connection and unity combined with
her sacred chants for audiences to join in with for upliftment and embodied empowerment and