Music and DJs at Buddhafield Festival

Programme Times

Please see the programme boards at Info Point, or outside individual venues for the times of a particular performer. There will be amplified music, bands and DJ sets programmed until:

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday: 11pm
Saturday: Midnight.

Noise Policy

Outside of the times above, levels of noise drop dramatically, but don’t stop completely. This means we’re happy for people to perform ‘unplugged’, sing or chant together unrestricted, unless the volume intrudes into designated camping areas. If you have children or your rest would be easily disturbed, please camp away from venues and communal fires. More about the options on the camping and live-ins page.

We ask people to be considerate about drumming at all times, but especially after dusk. No drumming at all after the end of amplified music (see above) until at least 10am.

Check back for details of the 2019 Music and DJs programme

To perform or volunteer please visit our participate site.