Mindfulness and Compassion for Uncertain Times - Webinar with Vidyamala

This event is no longer open for bookings

Vidyamala will lead a session on how we can use mindfulness and compassion to navigate the tremendous uncertainties that come with the covid crisis. Mindfulness gives us the ability to stay in the here and now rather than being side-blinded by anxiety and fears for the future. Compassion keeps our practice warm, engaged, connected and kind. 

Vidyamala will lead this experiential session where we can get a taste of this perspetive. She'll give a short talk, lead a guided meditation and then open up to enquiry.


About Vidyamala

Vidyamala was ordained in 1995. She is the co-founder of Breathworks offering mindfulness-based approaches to people living with pain, illness and stress. Breathworks has teachers in more than 35 countries.

Vidyamala has spent decades mining the Satipatthana Sutta also has a deep commitment to Bodhicitta and 'lojong' (Tibetan mind training) practices.

She will draw in this wealth of knowledge and practice in this seminar.


No need to book. Click here to join at 7.25pm, 31st March 2021

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