Land, Social Change and Green Crafts

Green Crafts

Crafts at Buddhafield have their own area - find them in the Village Green (and scattered through Land and Social Change) Come and talk to our expert craftspeople, get hands-on and learn a new skill or just watch others at work.

Green Crafts Programme


Land and Social Change

Our time on this earth is both fleeting and precious; we must make the best use of our time and resources as caretakers for all future beings. Find here an inspirational array of speakers sharing their stories and skills to help us move towards our collective potential in connection with land and society. Here you will find the Land Tent, the Social Change Space, the ‘We the Uncivilised’ Lodge and Trackways.

Land Tent Programme Social Change Programme


Wetheuncivilised Lodge

The wetheuncivilised Lodge is back - Join us in co-creating a culture of connection and belonging, as we explore the possibilities and challenges of meeting these times of ecological and social crisis through activism in its many forms. Come to connect and explore ideas through a wealth of talks, discussions, and workshops to inspire, inform and ultimately, empower us to make a stand. In the evenings come to kick back on cushions for films, live music, and our late night off-grid open mic and jam sessions. Bring your instruments and your voices as we weave together our stories of belonging and active hope!



1 Giant Leap 20 years on… Each step moves us on.

Digging deep into their working process and partnership dynamics. Grammy-nominated Musician / Filmmakers Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman present highlights from their unique style of music documentaries contained within their 1 Giant Leap catalogue.


Also on the programme:

Live music from Chloe-Rose Laing, Algy Behrens and Bob Hillary; Inspirational and thought-provoking films and a series of stories for the 21st Century.


Workshops and performances, including...


No Justice, Just Us.

Through Spoken Word and Storytelling, Bambi shares her experiences of working with children on Refugee camps throughout Europe. Drawing on her own emotional experiences and the stories shared on her travels whilst volunteering, Bambi offers an insight into the misunderstood.


Permaculture, Nature connection and indigenous wisdom with Caspar Brown

What can we learn from indigenous cultures that can help us transition to a healthier ecological paradigm and where does permaculture and nature connection fit into the whole story? An open discussion and sharing.


The Extinction of Addiction: The Evolution of Self – Caspar Walsh -From personal addictions to addictions on a global scale (to money, power, fossil fuels etc), this workshop will explore how addiction affects and impacts all our lives and where personal healing and peace can be found.


The Joys of Decolonisation

When we think about racism, decolonisation, oppression, sexism, diversity, our hearts can begin to beat faster and dread consumes our minds. The shame, guilt, and trauma of systems and behaviours that have long been tying us up in knots, wringing out our purity and dimming down the human spirit.

This workshop offers space for expressing the unexpressed aches of colonialism. You will hear the story of how one woman found joy through her process of DECOLONISATION and addressing uncomfortable conversations. Whatever sector you work in, there has never been a more important conversation than decolonisation. Beginning with a process of self-interrogation and ending in dance, this workshop will leave you with tools to inspire your liberation.


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