Independent Spaces and Campaign Stalls

Independent Spaces

There are a range of independent spaces at Buddhafield Festival 

Women's Space

We are open throughout the day for connection, support, and workshops. See the boards outside the space for more information. Women's camping is also available in this area.

This space is for female-identified people. We use an inclusive definition of woman and female and we welcome trans women and genderqueer women.

This space is for women in solidarity with women. We support our collective freedom from discrimination and value all of our unique experiences as women.

Men's Space

Men, we invite you on a voyage of self-discovery. Join us to explore within, to dive into the dark and difficult, the beautiful and inspiring. We will offer workshops in the morning and afternoon.

This space is for male-identified people. We use an inclusive definition of man and male and we welcome transmasculine, genderqueer and those who are non binary who present masculine.

QUILTBAG village (formerly queer space)

Quiltbag Village is open to all who are interested in issues of gender and sexuality. The acronym stands for Queer, Undeclared/ Undecided, Inter-sex, Lesbian, Trans, Bisexual, Asexual/Aromantic, Gay. We aim to provide a safer space for all to explore diverse identities, relationships, genders, and sexualities.

Jaz-it-Up is a not-for-profit waste reduction initiative, aiming to facilitate mindful making, re-styling and up-cycling as a way of promoting personal and planetary well-being.

Join us in transforming trash into treasures. Examples include: crochet/knitting with plastic, baskets from junk mail, note blocks and books from used envelopes... The possibilities are endless!

You are invited to bring unwanted items [from cartons to wires - list will be posted at] and learn to make something beautiful and/or useful by re-using refuse.

The Birth Space

Birth is a personal, relational and trans generational experience which has so much potential for raising awareness of and healing our human story. Come and join us for beautiful and well-held storytelling and information sharing workshops. All welcome.

Other Spaces include:
12 Step Dome
Death Space


Campaign Stalls

Each year we host different campaign stalls, around global and local issues that we care about.

Campaigns Programme



Applications for volunteering and contribution are coordinated on our Participate website: