At Home with the Elements Online Event 2022

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Ticket Type Ticket Price Number Of Tickets
Adult (Standard) £75.00
Adult (Donation Tier 1) £100.00
Adult (Donation Tier 2) £125.00
Adult (Pay as you go) £30.00

Our sense of identity is deeply rooted in the real nature of things. This is the fullness of contentment.
- Subhuti, Mind in Harmony


What is the antidote to deep feelings of separation? Of despair and loneliness? Without being able to control everything, how can we hope to gain any sense of security?
Connecting with deep identity means realising that we are nature, that we contain the six elements within us at the same time as witnessing them in our environment. With conscious awareness of this knowledge, we can go out into the world – whatever it looks like – with skill, profound confidence, discernment and compassion. 
Join us for a fortnight of practice that centres and cultivates a relationship with the Six Elements – earth, water, fire, air, space and consciousness. Although we will meet online, the emphasis for this event will be awareness of the world around you from the microscopic to the universal.
Content includes: 

  • daily meditation sessions
  • movement sessions
  • dharma talks
  • workshops
  • a sprinkling of other delights such as music and entertainment
  • regular emails with beautiful, inspiring content to keep you going throughout the event.


The full programme will be released in the new year. Leaders already confirmed include:

  • Maitridevi
  • Lokabandhu
  • Amaragita
  • Viryanaya
  • Singhashri
  • Dayajoti
  • Ratnadeva
  • Bodhipaksa
  • Alohbin

How does it work? 

We’ll be hosting sessions on Zoom. Links and further details will be sent out by 8.30pm, 11th February, 2022. 

The first event will be the opening ceremony on the evening of 13th February. The first morning meditation will be 7.30am, 14th February and the closing ceremony will be in the evening on 27th February. 

As we change from one element to the next, you will receive another email with thoughts, details and other loveliness. Emails will be sent via Mailchimp.

If you book your place after 11th February you will receive the event details email from us as soon as possible but definitely by 8.30pm on the day that you book.

Please check your spam and other folders for the preparatory email on 11th February or after you book. Get in touch ASAP if you don’t have anything so we can make sure you are receiving the emails that will be sent during the event.

You will also be invited to join a closed Slack group where you can keep up-to-date with announcements. You'll get an easy to use, easy to join Slack link at the start of the event. You do not need to be on there but it will be a great place to connect with extra content and each other during the event. We will be sending out important information by email. However, please note that playlists and musical interludes will be offered on Slack. 



We will be focused on each element for two days at a time and then all six elements for the final two days. Dates for these are: 

  • Opening ceremony - 13th
  • Earth - 14th & 15th 
  • Water - 16th & 17th
  • Fire - 18th & 19th
  • Air - 20th & 21st
  • Space - 22nd & 23rd
  • Consciousness - 24th & 25th
  • Six Elements - 26th & 27th (Closing ceremony on 27th) 

However, can we suggest that you make your own programme? A full fortnight of events can seem overwhelming so we suggest that you choose the path that works for you. You are invited to listen deeply to your needs and take what nourishes you from this event. There is no obligation to attend a certain number of sessions and you are welcome whenever you can make it. Here are a few suggested ways to journey through... 

Give me all the love
Attend everything, watch everything, comment, and soak up everything on offer.

Weekend Dharma warrior
Working during the week? Meditations are held at 7.30am so maybe you can sneak a little practice in before you go. And we’ll have recordings available so you can catch up on missed sessions at the weekend.

Pick an element, any element
You could pick your favourite element and commit to everything in those two days - each block is designed to be self-contained.

Prefer one activity? 
You could also choose to just attend the meditations, or the movement sessions or talks and so on. This approach would have the added advantage of regular timing so you can get into a rhythm. 

So tired of Zoom?
The support emails will be awesome and full of ways to be independent of Zoom – just read those. But the magic is that you know you’re on a journey with others – you’re connected to it all. We will be uploading videos for catch up but we can’t guarantee the timings on when they will be posted.



We will endeavour to record sessions and get them online asap for catch up but unfortunately, we cannot offer any guarantees as to how quickly this will happen after the original broadcast.


How much does it cost?

As well as a way to connect through the Dharma and other expressions of joy, this is a chance for you to support Buddhafield. We have two ticket options to suit different pockets and temperaments. 

Option 1
If you prefer to commit to the whole fortnight, need the motivation of having bought a full-price ticket or you want to be clear upfront about the give, you can buy your ticket for the whole event at the tier that feels right for you financially - £75/ £100/ £125. You can still give throughout the two weeks if you feel moved but you also can relax knowing you’re covered. 

Option 2
If you want access but you’re not sure how much you will attend and you are happy to commit to ‘donate as you go’, you can pay a £30 deposit and then offer dana throughout the retreat. We ask that you donate £2-10 for each event you attend, via our donation platform.

Led by: Various 
Location: Online
Experience level: Open to all levels
Age group: Adults 

Further info & terms and conditions

  • Tickets for this event are non-refundable. Exceptional circumstances will be considered. Please email with further details.
  • The published programme will be as accurate as possible but will be subject to change at the discretion of the organisers. Up-to-date programme information will be available via and Slack during the event as well as sent with the daily emails.
  • Access to the Slack group is via ticket only. 
  • We cannot be held responsible for any technical difficulties that prevent your participation in a specific session within the programme. However, we are, of course, on hand to help prevent this. 
  • The minimum age for this event is 18. Anyone under this age must be accompanied by an adult and hold an adult ticket. We may ask for proof of age for anyone attending an event.
  • Most of the Zoom sessions will be recorded. By taking part, you indicate that you agree to this recording and subsequent sharing of the recording on our website and social media channels.
  • We do not want to exclude anyone on the basis of financial hardship. Please get in touch if you need a discounted ticket. We have a limited number of subsidised places available.