Communication and Social Change at GEA

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Death Awareness Space - We will be providing a full programme of workshops around the theme of death. Opportunities to share your story and be heard, a Death Cafe, plus a series of sessions exploring both spiritual and practical aspects of dying such as what it means to have a 'Good Death', what to do when someone dies, forgiveness, what we leave behind, Companion Voices, and a blessing the body ceremony.  We will also have drop in / open times for listening, support, resources, information and quiet time; This will be flexible to accomodate things as they come up.


Reboot the Roots is a charity that promotes social inclusion through the arts. We use theatre and workshops to support people who are denied their rights to full, happy and active participation in society. This includes those recovering from addiction, people with experience of homelessness or statelessness, and individuals who have been in conflict with the law.


Evolutionary Groups: Exploring Ethical Organisational Structure & Decision Making - Cait Crosse - How can we run groups, organisations and communities so that they become 'the change we want to see in the world'? What would organisations look like if power was shared, the knowledge & energy of everyone involved was harnessed to make decisions and we also had systems in place to really get stuff done? This session will explore knowledge and tools to create radical organisational and group structures in line with Buddhist principles. The session will be led by a Buddhist trainer with lived experience in self-management organisations and a passion for the subject!


The Joys of Decolonising – Samantha Moyo - When we think about racism, decolonisation, oppression, sexism, diversity, our hearts can begin to beat faster and dread consumes our minds. The shame, guilt, and trauma of systems and behaviours that have long been tying us up in knots, wringing out our purity and dimming down the human spirit. This workshop offers space for expressing the unexpressed aches of colonialism. You will hear the story of how one woman found joy through her process of DECOLONISATION and addressing uncomfortable conversations.


Emotional Resilience for Activists – Alice Irving - Why is burnout so prevalent among activists? How do you stay conscious without becoming disillusioned? How can we take good care of our world without taking good care of ourselves and each other? You CAN make a BIG difference without becoming overwhelmed on a personal level. Master a simple technique to ensure your emotional wellbeing on the frontline in a safe, warm and confidential setting.


More than Human: Exploring Identity Without a Species Boundary Alex Toogood -  We relate to our world through the fixed images that our conceptual mind creates. Could we start to tease apart the constructs around one of our most core identities; that ‘I am Human’? What beauty may enter the space created in such an inquiry? What might become possible?



The Work that Reconnects



Mindful Communication – Jayaraja - A live exploration of how to communicate from the heart. Drawing on the wisdom of the Buddha, Marshall Rosenberg, (Nonviolent Communication) Dan Siegel, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Gestalt psychotherapy.


Voice Dialogue – Christie Animas