Beloved Community - LGBTQIA+ Retreat 2023

Saturday 27 May 2023 to Saturday 3 June 2023
This event is no longer open for bookings

Led by: Singhasri, Kamalanandi, Upekshapriya and others
Location: Bowerwood, Nr. Broadhembury, E. Devon
Deposit amount: £75
Experience level: At least six months meditation experience in any tradition or school
Open to: LGBTQIA+ Adults only 
Total suggested cost (including deposit): standard:£360, supported:£240, donation tier (helping others to come on retreat):£580

See our FAQ for an explanation of the deposit/ dana/ donation tier system. Please do read this is you think that you will not be able to afford the retreat or you are not sure about the deposit/dana/ donation tier system in any way. We have suggested donation amounts to guide you and they relate to what it costs us to run a retreat. However you are free to give as little or as much as befits your circumstances. 


In the wide-open expanse of field and forest we gather as beloved community to reconnect with our practice, forge and deepen our friendships, and empower our potential for healing and transformation. Practices will include resting in a co-created, intentional safer space, grounding and re-rooting in a sense of place and belonging, exploring the depth and complexity of our unique conditioning, and cultivating what supports liberation for ourselves and all beings. 

The retreat will also include large and small group discussions and sharing, individual and group reflections and exercises, meditation, ritual and a chance to meet one-to-one with a team member for a practice review.


About Singhashri

Singhashri is a Buddhist meditation and secular mindfulness teacher curious about what our world needs now and how to help. Singhashri believes in meditation as a means to awakening to love, beauty and truth and they have committed to supporting collective awakening and the joy and freedom found there.


About Kamalanandi

Kamalanandi is a single dad, furniture maker and has various roles in Buddhafield. Since being ordained 9 years ago, he has led many retreats including the Village family retreat which seeks to exemplify all-inclusive community. He is inspired by the qualities of Amitabha and brings his Buddhist practice to a strong engagement with the challenges of the modern world. Buddhafield is a great fit for Kamalanandi as he not only loves but needs to be outside, immersed in nature.

About Upekshapriya

Upekshapriya has been a queer activist and filmmaker, who for 21 years worked for Clear Vision ( helping to document Triratna, latterly coming out from behind the camera and edit suite to teach the Dharma at Manchester Buddhist Centre. Also involved in climate activism Upekshapriya has been part of Buddhafield Festival despite not being a fan of camping for over 15 years, most recently in the recovery space.

Things to note

  • We have an extensive Retreat FAQ page here. Please read this thoroughly and, if you have a question that isn’t answered, get in touch. 
  • If you are bringing a vehicle to a retreat and it is staying onsite, you need to buy a vehicle pass. This helps us to manage the number of vehicles on our sites as space is very limited. Please do not bring a vehicle if the relevant pass is sold out. Please liftshare where possible or use public transport. We offer pick ups from Honiton train station for this retreat.