Alive in the Space of Dis-ease Webinar with Jayachitta

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7.30pm - 9pm

The next in our series of free monthly webinars. No need to book. Click here to join at 7.30pm, 25th November. 

“… everything is interconnected and nothing can ever really be ordinary – in the sense of being without deeper meaning – at all.”
The Essential Sangharakshita, p.256
In this webinar we will use embodied exercises to support our practice in times of dis-ease. For many people this is a time of crisis, where usual activities like meeting each other is not possible. Maybe comfortable for some, for others it presents a real challenge, feeling restricted and less free.
Yet openness can be present and give us stability, even when times are uncertain. Though isolated, we can experience that we and the world – other people and all of nature – are deeply connected. 
Using improvisation and connecting in smaller groups we can practice relating to each other and our own surroundings in a way that is less based on our desire to be in charge of our situation, on having control, and find new ways to meet, be-with, allowing flow, and letting others, nature, diversity and life flow through us.
Jayachitta enjoys using the practice of body-based methods, like improvisation, to deepen experience of meditation and attending to the mind. She lives in Berlin and was ordained 30 years ago.

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No need to book. Click here to join at 7.30pm, 28th October.

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