Green Earth Awakening 2017: Booking

A number of people sat on the grass outside a tent-carvan workshop space.

Oak Clan Forge workshop space | Image © Steve Jackson 2015

Booking available below!

We’re recruiting volunteers for the Buddhafield Café and looking for GEA workshop proposals.You could consider joining the GEA Site Crew or volunteering with the GEA Steward Crew.

We post updates to the programme as they emerge, but if you still have questions, contact us about the GEA.

Our Forest School leader has written a letter for parents wanting to apply for absence during term time. Download and print this document to accompany a personal letter to your child's teacher.

Tickets to the Green Earth Awakenening are sold subject to Buddhafield Events Terms and Conditions.

Green Earth Awakening Camp: Booking Form

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Dates Wednesday 20th — Sunday 24th September 2017
Suitability Open to all!
Venue Blackdown Hills, near Wellington, Devon
Liftshare Freewheelers