Workshops: Communication and Intimacy

Buddhafield Festival 2018 |

Three young people holding hands in conversation

Taking time to communicate | Image © Mim Saxl Photography 2012

There’ll be updates on this year’s workshop programme from about the beginning of April on, but below you can see a selection of the workshops we enjoyed last year.


With Jewels Wingfield. Jewels brings a rich tapestry of deep embodied wisdom, fierce passion and experiences as an educator, catalyst and healer to offer a healing space for transformation. She brings Rewilding Love, Earthing Soul – a workshop for everyone; Garden of Love – a ritual for couples; Wombdala – a workshop for women.

Cuddle Workshop & Gigantic Cuddle Puddle
With Anna Fortes-Mayer and Virginia Thorn. With consent and boundaries. Fun, connection and deeeep relaxation all on offer at our safely held platonic cuddle workshop.

Skilful Flirting
With Jayaraja and Lilamani. Connecting with our own inner beauty to be more centred in ourselves and more able to be present with the beauty in others and the world.

Conscious Speed Dating for Everyone
With Rupert Alison. A great way for meeting others. All genders and orientations welcome, whether you are looking for love, friendship, tribe, flirtation, a buddy, a date, a soulmate.

Authentic Relating & Authentic Consent & Sexual Consent 101
With Rosa Martin and Richard Loizou. Rosa and Rich are both passionate about communication and consent. Their workshops are a space to tune in, take risks and find an authentic yes or no to the present moment. Games and exerceises ground the learnings in observed bodily experience.

Mindful Communication
With Jayaraja. How empathy, connection, compassion and mindfulness can transform our relationship with ourselves and others.

Mindful Communication
With Erwin Tielemans. Transform hate and anger, and experience both giving and receiving the power of deep empathy. Learn simple steps from the Non Violent Communication of Marshall Rosenburg and from the Buddha. Tools for effective and profound connection both for private and professional communication.

Simplicity of Empathy in Action
With Laurel Pyne. A form of love in action which will impact all our relationships, based on Non Violent Communication; come with all your difficult emotions and an open heart.

Emotional Intelligence for Parents and Children
With Karen Pike. Use this time at the festival to take a step back and review your lifestyle. Pick up some new tools for more connected communication. Take a moment to discover how to develop emotional intelligence for yourself and your child.

A Goethean Conversation
With Kenneth Walker. Conversations on Metamorphosis & Love & Respect. Goethe taught that by conversation alone people could experience the other realms of existence. If you wish to attend one of these sessions, please prepare to talk on the subject of the heading for that conversation.

Hempower Yourself & Raw Sweet Treats & Fermentation
With Ani Haniel. Discover the amazing nutritional benefits of hemp and learn to use it, learn to make Ani’s best loved sin free sweet raw creations, and discover benefits and the simplicity of making saurkraut and kefir.

Contributing: Workshop Leaders

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