Volunteer: Festival Healing Garden

Buddhafield Festival 2018 | That’s All Folks!

Two women talking at the entrance of a bell tent.

Booking a treatement | Image © Mim Saxl Photography 2012


Healers should be aware that applications for places in the Healing Garden are for those offering one-to-one treatments — with only exceptional exceptions. You need to be qualified and insured in the treatments you wish to offer.

Applications for places in the Healing Garden are accepted from 1 April until 1 May: the contact link for the Healing Garden Co-ordinator will display here on 1 April.

Buddhafield Festival Healing Garden Needs Helpers

We need some energetic, willing helpers to join us in creating our beautiful, calming Healing Garden at this year’s festival.

You will need to be available for the set up and tat down — arriving the week before and leaving the week after the festival — dates yet to be confirmed.

We need a couple of folk for site-crew type duties and a couple for a non-stop décor marathon!

During the festival there will be some duty’s each day, though hopefully much of the time you will be free to enjoy the festival, unless the weather dictates otherwise!

If you feel you can offer your time and joyful energy to help us create something special, contact the Healing Garden Co-ordinator from 1 April.

Our Healing Garden ... Needs a Garden!

We are looking for someone who is open to collaboratively creating a Medicine Buddha inspired Healing Garden. Are you able to offer the plants and your green finger talents to our Healing Garden of Complementary Medicine?

Each year we have a 50m x 50m area of about 50+ therapists offering a wide variety of complementary treatments. At the centre of this is a beautifully tranquil garden (approx. 5–8m diameter circle — usually!)

If you have plenty of plants in pots — especially herbs and small trees — that you are able to bring to our field in exchange for a ticket (or two if you have a helper you’d like to bring), please contact the Healing Garden Co-ordinator from 1 April.

What We Offer in Exchange

ExtraOrdinary things!
If you Open to them...

We offer you the opportunity to create something wonderful with us. A space of peace and tranquility that enables both ourselves and others to relax. A precious gift in our busy lives.

If you’re one of the lucky ones, we would give you a free entry ticket.

Plus we are able to offer you full meal tickets during the set up and tat down in exchange for a full days fun and games. With one meal and hopefully less work during the festival (Wednesday—Sunday).

Unless the weather or random unknown other things mean that we need more help — if so, we would of course feed you!

And you have the chance to camp in the relative quiet of the healers (overflow) camping area — if you wish to.

Nb: to potential healers for the sake of clarity, please be aware that we feed the Garden Team in exchange for their hard work, healers are reimbursed by the clients you treat.

Wishing Good Health and Happiness to All Beings.