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Buddhafield Festival 2017 |

A wide view across the Small World tent with a band on stage.

Small World | Image © Mim Saxl Photography 2012

Find out about the programme of live music and DJ sessions.

I have been every year because when entering the site it has a wonderful essence of peace and happiness

Programme Times

Please see the programme boards at Info Point, or outside individual venues for the times of a particular performer. There will be amplified music, bands and DJ sets programmed until:

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday: 11pm
Saturday: midnight.

© Charlotte Baxter 2012

Noise Policy

Outside of the times above, levels of noise drop dramatically, but don’t stop completely. This means we’re happy for people to perform ‘unplugged’, sing or chant together unrestricted, unless the volume intrudes into designated camping areas. If you have children or your rest would be easily disturbed, please camp away from venues and communal fires. More about the options on the camping and live-ins page.

We ask people to be considerate about drumming at all times, but especially after dusk. No drumming at all after the end of amplified music (see above) until at least 10am.

Live Music Line-up

Check out the Info Point on site for times and venues.

Ushti Baba
Riotous Gypsy-Folk with hypnotic trans-European melodies and Jungle rhythms. Their sound, described as Gypsy... Jungle, Turbo Folkstep as well as their multi-instrumental setup has made them a festival favourite.

An 11 piece multi-national musical collective from Bournemouth who blend afro-beat, reggae and Latin rhythms into a non-stop dance party sound. With dynamic rhythms and a powerful brass section they are guaranteed to get a crowd on their feet.

Martha Tilston
Folk and festival star “As political as often as she is romantic, her voice weaves magic” (Netrhythms).

A happy caravan of musicians brought together by a mutual love of Zimbabwean music. The mesmerizing melodies of Zimbabwean mbira meld seamlessly with folky riffs, funky bass lines and soaring classical strings.

Duncan Disorderly and the Scallywags
Often seen naked doing reggae, Latin, Hip Hop, Rumba, swing/jazz, positive vibrations!

Avalon Roots
Big band soulful funk reggae.

Bob Hilary and Will Softmore
Lush, deep, ecstatic, healing folktronica — Organic electronic beats and dub basslines created live on the spot, mixing with trancey keyboard pads, intricate Acoustic folky guitar, and Shamanic drums — weaving around Bob’s songs of hope, peace and change. Bob has been making waves of late around the world with his conscious songs, and he is joined by electronic wiz Will Softmore on this exciting collaboration. “Achieving that killer combination of being simultaneously chilled and hugely uplifting, this is the kind of music where your body often decides to dance before you’ve given the go-ahead. Baloo the bear would be cross-eyed and shuffling in a trance to much of this – and I’m with the bear. ' Harry Glass, The Guardian.

Nelly Canes
They cover and make finely-crafted alternative country using our voices, banjo, ukelele, guitars and harmonica.

Susie Ro
Inspiring the world to sing together, Susie is a dynamic workshop leader as well as a singer-songwriter, voice tutor and composer... for choirs, her music is soothing, funky and uplifting.

Edd Keene
Edd Keene is a multi instrumentalist loop pedal performer, singer song writer and session musician, and has been touring the festival... circuit in the uk since 2007 with his solo act “The Green Man”.

Contributing: Musicians & DJs

If you’re a band or musician interested in playing at the Festival then we’re sorry, but the Bands Co-ordinator is inundated with applications from musicians.

DJs: we’re sorry, but the Dance Space Co-ordinator has booked a full programme.

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DJ Sessions

© Mim Saxl 2012