Land and Permaculture Area

Buddhafield Festival 2018 |

A man using a draw knife on a piece of timber

Traditional methods for working with wood | Image © John Flemming 2015

Land, Permaculture & Nature Connection

The main Permaculture tent holds daily workshops and a reference library. Within the Land and Permaculture area, we have the Green Crafts, Campaigns Stalls, Social Change and solar phone charging. Plus a cinema in the ‘We the Uncivilised’  sun-powered Ecological Cinema and Community Hub.

There’ll be updates on this year’s talks and workshops from about the beginning of April on, but below you can see a selection of the workshops we enjoyed last year.

Allotment Gardening
With Colin Payne. The no-dig allotment, The self-sufficient allotment and The low-maintenance Allotment.

Change Your World with Permaculture
With Aranya. Wanting to green up your life, but not sure where to start? Permaculture can help! This workshop introduces you to its key elements and shows you how its principles and design process can help you to clarify your next steps.

Patterns and Forms - Nature's Secrets of Success
With Aranya. Outdoor walk - Nature abounds with beautiful patterns, but why do we see the same forms repeating over and over again? Discover how we can also use these patterns to efficiently and harmoniously meet many of our needs, such as conserving energy or distributing resources. This workshop will show you a new way of seeing the world.

Real Wealth & Wiser Money
With Aranya. The current money system may be the reason why our beautiful Earth is being so dangerously exploited, but exchange is not only natural but essential to a strong community. Come along to discover how we can do this so much better and how you may have more to offer your community than you realise.

Build a bigger, better, brigher, bolder, bird, bug or bat box
With Tim Potter. Build your own habitat box for wildlife. Choose a flat pack kit (small charge) to house either birds, bats or insects. You will be able take home a finished box that is better suited to your chosen creature and better quality than those typically found in your high street shop or garden centre. Sustainable materials: wood from Wales, recycled plastic, and preservative non-toxic to the future residents. Welcoming in wildlife into your garden helps with pest control and pollination. Suitable for both kids and adults.

Forest Gardening
With Sagaravajra. An overview of the principles, an exploration of design concepts, the creation of enhanced microclimates -and the making of natural swimming pond

Intro to Seasonal Foraging and Wild Food; Walk & Talk
With Theresa Webb. Discover the world through new eyes as you learn basic wild plant identification and introduction to wild edible herbs; their medicinal properties, common herbal preparations and culinary uses

Nature Awareness
With Daniel Thompson-Mills of Steward Community Woodland. Would you like to experience being in Nature in a deeper way? Ever wondered how you can have closer encounters with wildlife? This workshop will guide you in ways to tune up your senses and drop into a deeper and richer experience of being in the outdoors.

Flint Knapping
With Trackways. Make yourself an arrow head and other Neolithic tools. Journey back in time and discover how our ancestors made stone tools and experience the joys and tribulations of working with this local material.  All tools and materials will be provided.

With Trackways. Awaken your inner Catness Everdeen or Legolas to Practice your archery skills.

Edible and medicinal Plant identification
With Trackways. While we wander the fields and woodland learn plants you can survive on at any time of year and use as medicine and first aid.  learn plant lore, tree medicine and how to make relations with the plants.

With Trackways. Start a truly exciting adventure developing one of the cornerstones of nature awareness that is the science and art of tracking.

Principles of Water Form
With Trackways. Water form teaches principles that underpin all forms of movement, using the body’s natural strength and body mechanics to accomplish effortlessly powerful responses through developing the correct feeling in the body.

Nature Connection
With Trackways. Learn how to tune in to the natural rhythms of nature, and change our internal state to calm and focused entering the ‘zone’, a state of adsorption that is akin to being invisible.

Wilderness Spirit Philosophy
With Trackways. Simple and effective ways to tune in to Nature and spirit, learn the science behind nature connection and shamanism develop your capacity to connect with the energy that flows in and through all living things.

Shamanism and Science
With Thomas Schorr-kon. Experience natural altered states and understand the science behind them

Conversations with Nature
With Thomas Schorr-kon. How to connect with nature and regain the many ways humans have communicated with the wider family of Nature

Nature Games and Plant Use Walks
With Fly Agaric. Nature connection games playing and getting mucky in the woods around site! Useful plants and trees walk, learn about medicinal, culinary, and other practical uses of the local flora.

Fire by Friction
With Jessie Watson Brown and Jane Robertson. This is a space for you to connect with fire! Open to everyone, come and deepen your relationship to this wonderful, life giving element. Jessie and Jane will share their years of experience and their passion for making fire by friction.

Wild Solar
Solar phone charging.

See also the Green Crafts programme.