Festival Site Facilities

Buddhafield Festival 2018 | That’s All Folks!

Two men sat at the Info Point tent in front of a

Info Point | Image © Charlotte Baxter 2012

When you arrive on site, you’ll be much more at ease if you already have a good understanding about where you can camp. Please find out all about the options on the camping & live-ins page. If you’re concerned about food there’s a page about this elsewhere in this section. If you want to know about washing or toilet facilities, read below.

It is a magical moment in space and time, it reaffirms my faith in the human spirit and the interconnectedness of beings

You will be given a programme with a site map when you arrive. Look for the locations of Info Point — where you’ll find our up-to-date programme boards — and the First Aid tent, open 24 hours throughout the Festival.

The Festival's Nurtured By Nature shop

The Festival’s on-site wholefood shop, Nurtured By Nature | Image © Buddhafield 2010

Washing and Hygiene

Hot showers are available 24 hours a day throughout the Festival. Only eco—friendly soap, shampoo, shower gel, washing up liquid etc to be used on site, please. These will be available for sale.

We have at least 34 compost toilets distributed appropriately around site. Soap and running water is provided and at night each toilet will have lighting. Our compost toilets are dutifully maintained by a team of Toilet Wizards but if one needs attention, please tell someone at Info Point.

Waste and Recycling

Buddhafield is striving to become a zero waste festival and we need your help: We take our recycling very seriously!

Please don’t put sanitary waste (including nappies) into the compost loos: someone has to fish it out!


Disposable nappy waste is the biggest single waste item we have to deal with at the end of the festival.  We are therefore thrilled that Nappy Ever After (a real nappy company) will attend Buddhafield for the first time this year. You will be able to use washable nappies on your baby/toddler while you are there. Nappy Ever After is supplying kits that you can borrow. If you haven’t used washable nappies before this is a great opportunity for you to try them out with advice on hand should you need any support. For more information please visit the Nappy Ever After website to book a kit.  You may want to order other items to collect and use at the festival such as sunhats, swim nappies or UV tees.

Sort it out!

Please help us and use the recycling points, seperating as appropriate.

We’d like to keep shaving a layer off of our carbon footprint, save time and use the money we have to spend on waste more constructively. Please be conscious of what you bring and be prepared to take some of it away with you.

  • Be prepared to get to grips with the some times confusing list of what can be recycled and what can’t (eg plastic packaging). Mixed up recycling has to be sorted out by hand before it will be accepted at the recycling depots!
  • Recycle as much as possible at the recycling points strategically placed around site.
  • Be mindful of what is raw food waste and what is cooked food waste — they have to be composted separately.
  • Bring washable nappies if you can (see below)
  • Use compostable nappy liners
  • Try to use compostable eco-friendly sanitary protection

We would urge people to use compostable baby wipes (try Wilkinsons, about £1 a pack), tissues etc. Try not to bring disposable nappies if you can: they create a huge amount of landfill which Buddhafield has to pay to dispose of. If you have to buy disposables, try to buy as eco-friendly as possible: the eco ones don’t contain chemicals, but they still take 100 years to biodegrade!

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Music and Noise

There will be amplified music, bands and DJ sets programmed until:

  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday: 11pm
  • Saturday: midnight

Outside of these times, levels of noise drop dramatically, but don’t stop completely. This means we’re happy for people to perform ‘unplugged’, sing or chant together unrestricted, unless the volume intrudes into designated quiet areas. If you have children or your rest would be easily disturbed, please camp away from venues and communal fires — we suggest Quiet or Family Camping respectively. More about these on the camping and live-ins page.

We ask people to be considerate about drumming at all times, but especially after dusk. No drumming at all after the end of amplified music (see above) until at least 10am.

Please see the programme boards at Info Point, or outside individual venues for the times of a particular performer. We are committed to keeping all noise levels at safe and enjoyable levels, and routinely monitor levels around site.

Communal Fires

There are a small number of prepared fire pits. For safety’s sake, please ensure 3m clear space between a fire and the nearest tent. Please don’t strip wood from the hedges or trees — firewood will be provided. Please don't burn candles in tents or live-ins, or change gas canisters in an enclosed space or near a naked flame.

Lost Children, Lost Property and Theft

We have a dedicated Lost Children Team (location on the site map in your programme). Ask a steward or peacekeeper, at Info Point or the Kids Area.

If any lost property is handed in during the festival it’s taken to Info Point. If not claimed during the event, we can keep items for a month after the festival: please contact the Buddhafield Office if you want to check. We’ll ask that you reimburse us for the costs of postage.

Due to the volume of lost property and lack of storage, please note that all items will ultimately either be destroyed or donated to a local charity shop.

Because Buddhafield is a legendarily friendly festie, it’s easy to get relaxed about your valuables. It’s unusual for tents to be plundered, but it has happened. So please take the usual sorts of care about your property.