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Buddhafield Festival 2017 |

Two men seated in meditation facing a shrine with Tibetan-style iconography.

Afternoon sit in the Meditation Space | Image © Charlotte Baxter 2012

I value the connection with Buddhists from other traditions and the opportunity to attend workshops that explore the challenges facing Buddhists in the west.

Buddhism: The Dharma Parlour

Talks, workshops, study sessions and a space to meet people and discuss the relevance of the Dharma (Buddhist teachings) to the burning issues in our lives and the world.

The Programme

Without the Buddha and his teachings there would not be a Buddhafield Festival, and there certainly would not be a Dharma Parlour. But what exactly did the Buddha have to say and how do his teachings apply to us, in our time with its highly demanding conditions? The Dharma Parlour aims to offer answers to these questions in the context of a lively, varied and abundant programme of talks and events by experienced teachers from the Triratna Buddhist Order and other traditions.

We’re grateful to the all the folk involved in putting on the following talks/workshops at the last Festival.

Dancing Naked In the Sky

Talk on the Buddhist figure of the Dakini — Enlightenment expressed in the form of a dancing, naked, red woman symbolising freedom, fearlessness and passionate aliveness. Sahajatara.

The Fearless Heart: embodying love in action.

Yanai Postelnik will offer reflections on our remarkable human capacity to live with fearless compassion. Embracing our limitations empowers us to make a real difference.

Mandala of Resilience Workshops

Introduction to Buddhist practice for Teens. Using mindfulness and play to develop happiness, clarity and peace. Come and learn the skills of “returning” “untangling” and “being with”. Amaragita

Fearless Heart, Radical Change

Saddhanandi explores a Buddhist perspective on the compassionate wisdom that arises when we face our experience with honesty and with the courage to give up selfish desire.

Action from Depth: Unleashing a Post-Capitalist Imagination

Today the radical imagination is thriving in European social movements. Guhyapati, from Ecodharma, explores how the Dharma can help nurture it into radical transformation. Plus workshop on Engaged Buddhism.

Study with Dhivan

On the Buddha’s teachings, including the Metta Sutta and the story of the serial killer Angulimala whom the Buddha courageously converts to a life of non-harming. (Limited numbers).

Doing What it Says on the Tin: excellent education in a school with a Buddhist ethos.

Clare Eddison (headteacher, Dharma Primary School) shares her vision and the school’s practice.

Bhutan’s Happiness

Marie Thesbjerg is a Danish writer, photographer and lecturer, who has been working in Bhutan. She will talk about Gross National Happiness (GNH), a framework rooted in Bhutan’s Buddhist culture. With Mémé Watanabe, Bhutan Nuns Foundation.

Why be a Buddhist?

“The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.” Yeats. Do labels cause conflict — or can they be a step to freedom, courage and compassion? Dharmashalin.

8 Step Recovery Meetings

Come and explore your 11th step, and/or compliment your abstinence and sobriety of mind by using the Buddhist teachings. All addictions welcomed. Rachel, Nic and team.

Mindful Tea: Drinking Tea with the Ancient Sages

“Correctly sourced Tea, drunk in a mindful way, can help us to connect to ourselves, others, and our beautiful planet.“ Come and drink tea with Prabhasvara  (limited numbers).

“We must love one another or die”

Integrity, authenticity and courageous compassion in dark times. Jayaraja.

The Work that Re-connects (WtR)

With Dearbhaile Bradley and Claire Carré. Four linked but freestanding workshops introducing the WtR spiral that enables us to become effective agents of change. Each workshop has a different emphasis. Thursday: Nourishing; Friday: Energising; Saturday: Empowering; and Sunday: Inspiring Action.

Why meditate?

Just do it... But for many of us we need to know why to be motivated. What’s in it for you and for the world... Come find out. Dharmashalin.

Climate Activism as Courageous Compassion

With Kara Moses, a grassroots climate activist, freelance journalist, Triratna mitra, and one of the Heathrow13 that narrowly escaped prison this year for a peaceful blockade of Heathrow’s runway.

Kids Meditation Club with Daisy

For kids 4 - 10 yrs + bring your parents so you can show them how its done! A great way to start the day with fun breathing, stretching & relaxation exercises. Daisy Bruce.

Mindfulness, from therapy to social change

Is mindfulness social control, or a force for social change? Mark Leonard.

Talk and workshop

With Caroline Brazier, course leader at Tariki Trust, is author of seven books on Buddhism and psychotherapy.

Talk: The Courage to Feel

How else do we find compassion? Non-attachment is not aloofness, but engagement.

Opening the Heart to the World

A workshop drawing on the Ten Directions Ecotherapy Programme of Tariki Trust, inner paths to global engagement.

Courageous Compassion: Karuna Trust

Sanghanath will talk about growing up as a Dalit in poor rural India, how Buddhism changed that, and his work for Karuna Trust leading “door knocking” appeals, fundraising for the same work against social injustice and inequality that he benefited from.

You Are Loved

Meditations and exercises to help us receive compassion and loving kindness. Kaspa, Amida Trust.

Loving the Unloveable

What to do when our compassion fails us when loving others or ourselves. Satya, Amida Trust.

Listening circle

a space to be heard with kindness, come and share what's in your heart, or sit in silence with others. With Kaspa and Satya, Amida Trust.

Try Everything

The courageous journey of saying yes: transforming doubt into confidence and hatred into love. Singhamati.

A talk by Tenzin Shenyen.

We’ve no idea what it will be about, but he’s presently reading “The Body In Pain”, “Chernobyl Prayer” and “Nothing is True and Everything is Possible”...

Facing Fire with Love

Vajrasara explores how to approach fury, agony or conflict — in ourselves and others. How do we find the courage and confidence to journey to dark places with others?

Lotuses in a Sea of Fire

Drawing on stories from legend and history to understand Fearlessness and other qualities involved in Compassionate Activity; and how these may guide us to a positive response to suffering. Varabhadri.

The Great Lake of Compassion

A mindfully creative approach to empathy for one another and the world. Using words, colour, and sound, we'll transform Samsara....The Dangerous Sea of Fire, into the Great Lake of Compassion. Varabhadri.

Meditation for Parents: children of any age welcome

Come meditate with your kids: an approach that is inclusive of them. Learn to include meditation in your daily life as a parent. Upayavira.

Peace is Every Step

How we can nourish peace and compassion. With guided practices and a Peace Walk around the site. Wake Up UK, inspired by Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.


For order members and those who’ve requested ordination. “Insight and the Vajrayana”, with Vidyadasi.

Guided Compassion Meditation

8—8.50am daily. (For those familiar with meditation).

Fireside storytelling

For adults and children, 7.30pm each evening, with hot chocolate and chai.

Meditation Space

Come and learn to meditate! It could just change your life. Meditation can help us relax and unwind, but it is much more than this: it can lead to radical transformation of our whole being and of our world.

Through increasing awareness of what is really going on in our minds, meditation brings insight into what truly matters to us. We also become far more aware of, and engaged with, the world around us: other people, the environment, and ultimately, the nature of reality itself. Through meditation we can come to know more and more deeply that we are not separate but interconnected with all life.

Following the success our much loved Pujas, we will be extending our tent this year. We are also very much hoping to have a large Stupa as part of the Meditation Space, which has been made by the team. A stupa is a symbol of enlightenment and also the 6 Elements. These holy monuments are the oldest and most widespread forms of Buddhist architecture and were designed to be deeply symbolic, using sacred geometry in order to contain Buddhist relics of great teachers, and other holy objects.

Main Shrine Space

Early morning: 7.30 and 8.20am: Open meditation sessions (no teaching, just bells) with a chance to sit on afterwards until 9.45am.
Late morning sessions: 10am, 11.15am, 12.30am. Teaching sessions for Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana (loving kindness meditation).
Mid-afternoon: 4.30pm. Meditation workshop to help deepen your practice, suitable both for beginners and those with more experience.

Walking Meditation

Afternoons. (See notice board for times and places).

Small Meditation Space (near the Dharma Parlour)

Open space to meditate and do your own practice (no teaching).

Devotional Practice

Buddhafield pujas are renowned!


Please come to the rituals in the Ritual Space, next to the Dharma Parlour, Owl Field. They are a chance for us to all come together as one big community, to explore the festival theme and express our shared values.

  • Opening Ceremony, Wednesday, (see the Notice Boards at Info Point)
  • Saturday Night Ritual (see the Notice Boards at Info Point)
  • Closing Ceremony, Sunday, (see the Notice Boards at Info Point)

During some of the rituals we’ll use mantras. A mantra is a chant which is a meditation in sound, expressing a particular spiritual quality.