Total Immersion Retreat

Rays of light falling through tress, dappling light onto a stream.

Easterbrook | Image © Padmapani 2011

This month-long retreat is a unique opportunity to practice with others in the embrace of nature. Living a life stripped down to its essentials we begin to experience ourselves as part of the real world. We become sensitive again to the language of the birds, as slowly our normal chatter falls away and our minds and hearts open to each other and the natural world. Join us for a month that will give a fresh perspective to the rest of your life.

Total Immersion Retreat Booking Form
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DatesSaturday 5 May—Friday 1 June 2018
SuitabilityExperienced Meditators Only
Option for5th - 18th May
VenueEasterbrook, Devon
Led byParamananda
Donation Guidelines Full month £860 (waged) £720 (concession) £600 (unwaged)
Two weeks £475 (waged) £370 (concession) £300 (unwaged)
BookingBooking has closed for this retreat.