Camping Retreat Programme 2017

A woman wearing a woolly hat sat contemplating in tall grass. Trees surround the field; tents in the distance.

Contemplation in tall grass | Image © Padmapani 2009

We’re delighted to let you know that this is the 2017 retreats programme.

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Full Retreats Programme Plus Booking
Retreat / EventGeneral Information
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Spring Team Retreat ()
Sacred Landscape Yatra ()
Total Immersion ()
Women’s Retreat ()
Satipatthana Retreat ()
The Buddhafield Village Retreat Phase I ()
The Buddhafield Village Retreat Phase II ()
Triratna International Retreat ()
Autumn Team Retreat
Dates ()
SuitabilityTeam members only
Led byJayaraja & team

Buddhafield Team Retreats provide a space to meet and practice together for those who take significant responsibility in running Buddhafield events. The Autumn team retreat is a chance to review the season and plan for next year. If you are interested in attending either of the team retreats please talk to the manager of the area of Buddhafield with which you are involved.

Donation Guidelines

Buddhafield offers team retreats to thoese who have made a contibution to Buddhafields events. Donations are allways welcome.