Green Earth Awakening 2018 : Workshops and Camp Programme

People engaged in a discussion inside a dome

An intense discussion | Image © Steve Jackson 2015

When is it? Wednesday 12 — Sunday 16 September 2018.

What is it?

The Green Earth Awakening is a camping event for up to 500 people in the beautiful Blackdown Hills at the new moon. Hot shower and sauna facilities are available on site for a small charge.

Each day will follow a timetable of meditation, bodywork, workshops and talks with evening music, ritual, open mic and cinema all included in the price. The crafts will run drop in spaces throughout the week and some will ask for a donation to cover their material costs.

The Buddhafield Cafe and Outer Regions Cafe will be the main food vendors. A meal pass can be purchased online that will cover all meals from Wednesday dinner through to Sunday lunch at the Buddhafield Cafe. Individual meals can also be bought from either Cafe throughout the days.

How can I get involved? Booking is open! We’re recruiting volunteers for the Buddhafield Café and looking for GEA workshop proposals.You could consider volunteering with the GEA Steward Crew.

Any questions? Contact us about the GEA.

This year we will be back with some incredible speakers, debates, open discussion forums and morning circles alongside meditation, body work, crafts, land skills, creative arts, fireside music and dance.


Many thanks to all these contibutors to the last Green Earth Awakening.

Mindfulness is Revolutionary Mindfulness and meditation are being taken up across society. Thousands of people take an eight week mindfulness course each month and millions learn meditation through apps and online. Mindfulness books are in the bestseller lists while mindfulness is taught by the NHS, in schools and in Parliament. It’s a change in society, but how can this 'mindfulness movement’ be a force for meaningful social change?

The Mindfulness is Revolutionary tent at this year’s Green Earth Awakening will explore this question with talks, meditations, discussions and workshops. Themes include:

  • Mindful Communication and NVC.
  • Mindfulness in schools, prisons and with refugees.
  • Mindfulness and activism.
  • Mindful movement and dance.
  • Engaging the imagination.
  • What’s distinctive about mindfulness meditation?
  • Critiquing the model of the mindfulness world.
  • The tent is hosted by Vishvapani and Kamalagita and all the session leaders are leading practitioners.

    Vajrapriya; TALK; The Path of Simplicity. At best, the simplicity of our outer life is a mirror of our inner simplicity and contentment. What does inner simplicity look and feel like, can it be cultivated, and how can it be a path to liberation? Vajrapriya has been a practising Buddhist for 25 years, and a low key environmentalist for as long.

    Bruce Parry, award-winning documentarian, author, indigenous rights advocate, explorer and trek leader. Known for his bbc series Tribe and Amazon.

    Mac Macartney an international speaker, writer and change-maker. Mentored by indigenous people over many years, he has acquired profound and original insights into questions preoccupying many contemporary leaders.

    Work that Reconnects The central purpose of the Work that Reconnects is to help people uncover and experience their innate connections with each other and with the systemic, self-healing powers in the web of life, so that they may be enlivened and motivated to play their part in creating a sustainable civilization.

    Trackways teaches a wide range of skills from basic Bushcraft courses, Wildcraft Survival, Tracking, Nature Connection & Awareness and Wilderness Spirit work.

    ‘wetheuncivilised - Sun-powered Ecological Cinema and Community Hub’ Join us as we explore a culture of connection and belonging and cultivate the possibility of positive social and environmental change -.

    Singing with Anthony Johnston, Voicing the Soul; Earthing the Body, a call for inner change and personal empowerment, uaing the singing voice, authentic communication and /or self enquiry. Spaces that welcome the healing power of truth to outshine the veils of fear and separataion that holds us back from truly living.

    Dharma Dance with Dayajoti. A dance meditation that will move through different stages: Presence; Heart; Wisdom; Embodying our Longing; and Receptivity. Wide range of music. No experience of meditation needed, and no need for experience or confidence in dance - it’s about individual authentic expression from within.

    Being Mindful of Power and Privilege Explore your relationship to privilege and learn how to act in solidarity with those who face oppressions you don’t face, with facilitator and co-counsellor Kathleen Cassidy. The workshop is experiential; comprised of a variety of exercises, discussions and active listening. It will explore this material with a mindful, compassionate and sensitive approach. Kathleen facilitates empowerment workshops in a variety of contexts, from schools and festivals to within living communities. Kathleen Cassidy facilitates workshops and courses in collective liberation, relationship counselling and unschooling.

    Nature Play with Michel Thill. Let the day come to you with some seriously playful nature games to strengthen awareness and connection to the land and the world around you. You can expect grounding exercises in pairs and groups that bring you into your body and senses as well as some silent reflective time in nature.

    Shakti Dance with Christie Animas. A free form of dance movement. Shakti represents the feminine life energy which moves through the universe giving birth to nature, power, movement, flow and change. Since many generations, this natural force has been pushed down, judged and feared. This particular Shakti Dance (there are several different variations) comes from the work of Jewels Wingfield, based on the energy of the spiral and rooted in earth based connection (it is not Yoga). It is a practice to support women to (re)discover a deeper sense of their feminine principle that is rooted in earth based connection. Find out more about Jewels Wingfield's work here:

    Moving Men - Movement Medicine with Matt Rayner An embodied dance and movement meditation practice. Utilising ancient shamanic wisdom with music and movement, supporting participants to become more embodied and open to all that Life offers. Aligning the Body, Heart and Mind, in the simple yet deep celebration of movement. Moving Men is an opportunity to explore and embody more of our true potential as men, standing in our power as we open, connect and communicate with our own self and with other men in the supportive embrace of brotherhood and the Dance.

    How to Stop Charter Flights and End Deportations Back in March we successfully stopped a charter flight to Nigeria and Ghana, but how do we #StopCharterFlights for good? In this participatory workshop we'll explore the current context of the Home Office's racist border policy, the brutal practice of charter flights and the ongoing resistance from those most affected. We'll also explore options for getting involved in the campaign to #EndDeportations.

    The Truth Mandala by Nicola Peel. This ritual exercise provides a simple, respectful, whole group structure for owning and honoring our pain for the world, and for recognizing its authority and the solidarity it can bring. It provides space for fear, sorrow, grief, anger, longing, emptiness and hope to be expressed and witnessed. From despair to empowerment we first acknowledge our truth and then move into change.

    Fool Expression with Christie Animas. Is there a part in you that longs to play ? Do you long to open and discover more of the diversity of who you are ? Would like to be on stage and create with whatever is in you ? Welcome to an Introduction to Fool Expresion ! This work has allowed me to open and to unfold in such playful, meaningful and touching way that I am keen to share it as well to you. This work is part of Franki's Anderson lineage.

    Singing with Helen Yeoman. Helen runs workshops around the country where she teaches her original music to singers of all abilities and experience. A confident and dynamic leader, Helen is known for bringing out the best in her singers and getting to the emotional core of the song. Helen is a member of the Natural Voice Practitioners Network and teaches everything by ear. So you don’t need to read music. Whether you have sung in choirs for years or have never sung before, all are welcome. Her workshops begin with a body and voice warm-up and Helen tailors her repertoire to suit her singers. There will always be a healthy mix of upbeat songs and slower heartful songs to follow the energy of the day.

    Steward Community Woodland: The Way Forward with Daniel Thompson-Mills, Paul Boocock & Jake Graffy of Steward Community Woodland (Devon). Steward Community Woodland, a low impact living project on the edge of Dartmoor, is facing a radical time of change due to a recent unfavourable planning decision and subsequent enforcement notices. The residents of the wood, inspired by the Welsh model of One Planet Development, are working on a proposal based on low impact technologies through the ages to create the 'Dartmoor Roundhouse Innovation Centre'. Find out more in this workshop.

    The Pyrapod - an innovative, adaptable, low impact structure with Paul Boocock of Steward Community Woodland (Devon). Inspired by the single-open-space shape and feel of tipis, with their central fire, and also by the intriguing geometry of the great pyramid at Giza, Paul will be introducing the PyraPod (pronounced 'pirra-pod').The PyraPod is designed to be a habitable structure which can be built and lived in with minimal environmental impact. It uses locally available renewable materials and does not depend on any process which can only exist in a petroleum-based economy. Thus, this design can be reproduced indefinitely in a low-carbon sustainable future. The PyraPod is thermally efficient, thus minimising the use of fuel for heat, and is also practically maintainable using simple woodworking tools.The first PyraPod is now near completion. It was built entirely with hand tools to prove the practicality of building without dependance on oil. Its designer and builder, Paul Boocock, will be talking about how the idea evolved, how the first one was built, and where it can go next. Could we see them springing up far and wide, enabling more people to get off-grid more easily? More info at

    Developing your Nature Awareness Skills with Daniel Thompson-Mills of Steward Community Woodland (Devon). Would you like to experience being in Nature in a deeper way? Ever wondered how you can have closer encounters with wildlife? This workshop will guide you in ways to tune up your senses and drop into a deeper and richer experience of being in the outdoors. Daniel Thompson-Mills has been living at Steward Wood on the edge of Dartmoor as part of the low impact eco-community there for 17 years. He has a passion for facilitating nature connection and as well as teaching bushcraft and nature awareness skills, he is an archery instructor.

    Authentic Relating With Rosa Martin and Richard Loizou. Rosa and Rich are both passionate about communication and consent. Their workshops are a space to tune in, take risks and find an authentic yes or no to the present moment. Games and exerceises ground the learnings in observed bodily experience.

    Mindful Communication with Jayaraja How empathy, connection, compassion and mindfulness can transform our relationship with ourselves and others.

    Wild Solar Make artist charcoal from the hedgerows' Do you need further details? 'Try out some charcoal making, learn about biochar and 'charcloth', and walk away with a handful of your own artist charcoal.

    Deep Time Dive A sensory exploration of the history of this living planet. Experience the 4.6 billion years since the formation of our home to the present day in 46 minutes with each minute representing 100 million years. An evolutionary journey that combines science, imagination and nature connection in the wilds.

    The Work that Reconnects with Rowan Tilly & Mokshini Come for any one day or experience the progressive deepening of our collective journey as each day unfolds. A daily series of four different experiential participatory workshops drawing from the work of Joanna Macy, John Seed, et al. Each workshop will respond to our tendencies to turn away from the overwhelming crisis of our world, supporting us in reconnecting with our hearts, experiencing our radical interconnectedness and inspiring us to take action. We aim to create a safe space and ask each participant to be responsible for their own emotional well-being.

    Permaculture Design – What is it? with Michell Thill. Permaculture Design consists of a set of common-sense principles, tools and intuitive design frameworks that help us see the world and interact with it differently. In this interactive workshop you will be able to explore some of its core principles and see for yourself how you might put them into practice.

    TRE Tension /Trauma Release Exercises TRE is a safe and very effective tool for supporting the release of tension /trauma from the body, so our bodies can shift from a state of overwhelm, irritation, disconnection back into aliveness, social connection , love and joy.

    Mindfulness for social change with Paula Haddock. As secular mindfulness goes mainstream, what role could it play to promote a fairer, more sustainable world – and how can we harness this potential? Could mindfulness hinder progress by individualising social problems, and helping people cope in a dysfunctional system – and how can we avoid this? This session will provide a space for debate, discussion and reflection, hosted by trainers affiliated with the Mindfulness and Social Change Network and Ecodharma.

    Yoga Kat Frost teaches in a dynamic, flowing style, focusing on warming up and mobilising joints and muscles before moving on to deeper rejuvenating and empowering stretches. Kat is adept at tailoring practices to meet the varying needs of the class participants, with emphasis placed on correct alignment, so the class is safe and enjoyable for all.

    Wildlings Play offers children the opportunity to create their own space. Early morning is time for children to reflect and discuss the games and activities they would like to do through the day. With forest school leaders, artists and child's yoga teacher on hand to facilitate workshops and activities, children are able to fully participate in developing their space. Forest school activities are centred around a woodland clearing and fire circle. We gather together each day to share circle time, stories, songs and explore the woodland. Qualified leaders will support developing skills in fire lighting, tool use and campfire cooking. Each day ends with reflection and stories around the fire.

    Music from Phat Bollard a travelling Cornish busking band. Generally a five piece unit featuring two guitars, mandolin, washtub bass and percussion, they raise a ruckus with joyful noise and highly nuanced songs that deal with some of today’s most important issues.

    Music with Mobius Loop Gypsy Folk band projecting our voices for Hemp Redemption, Vegan Philosophy, Grassroots Activism & Ahimsa For All Beings.

    Music with Rob Carney A Devon-based performer and singing teacher. He brings the spirit of song, offering uplifting, playful community singing workshops and works with small groups helping people find and develop their singing voice. He leads Totnes-based street choir "voices of freedom" and performs as a singer-songwriter.

    Music with Myles de Gruyther frontman of the jazz band 'Skedaddle!', will be offering fireside songs and improvised sounds in a range of different styles. From blues and swing through to folk and world grooves. He will be joined by guitarist and soundsmith David Osbiston and percussionist Reuben Mander, and will be inviting other musicians to jam and create magical moments throughout the festival. Myles also plays lead guitar and banjo with the songwriter Rob Carney.

    Three Acres And A Cow connects the Norman Conquest and Peasants’ Revolt with current issues of fracking and the housing crisis via the Enclosures, English Civil War, Irish Land League and Industrial Revolution, drawing a compelling narrative through the radical people’s history of Britain in folk song, stories and poems.

    HEDGESPOKEN is a travelling off-grid storytelling theatre run from a 1966 Bedford RL lorry, converted to be a home and a go-anywhere stage by storyteller, mask-maker and writer Tom Hirons (SOMETIMES A WILD GOD, THE SCRIMSTONE CIRCUS GOSPEL, NETTLEEATER) and internationally-respected artist, puppeteer and musician Rima Staines. live in the HEDGESPOKEN truck full-time with their young son and tell tales and spark imaginations wherever they can, from busy festivals to quiet laybys and secluded forests. They have a devoted and ever-increasing following across Britain and far beyond. Previous sell-out shows include THE CASTLE OF MELVALES (2016, Dartington) and WONDER AND DREAD (2016, Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter, as part of the Being Human festival). Hedgespoken specialise in retelling East European and British folktales and also stories from the wide world of the Traveller and Gypsy communities.

    Qi Gong with Mike Hartley for any level of practitioner. It covers the main principles of all gi gong, a number of styles are explored from standing meditation to Tao -ist qi gong. It has been shown tostrengthen the immune system and to help balance and help connect the physical, mental and emotional bodies. It can be used for general health, as a meditation in its own right and to aid in healing any illness or disease.

    Mindful Movement with Lalitaraja, ordained for nearly 20 years and is lecturer in dance at the University of Roehampton. This is a masterclass in mindful movement based on contact improvisation.

    Introducing Context Oriented Arts (CoArts) Theatre as an approach to Mindfulness and Mindfulness as an approach to Theatre. That is the proposal of CoArts. In this workshop you are invited to explore some practices that can make mindfulness fun, while also making participatory theatre more relevant and useful for an audience or group. Iwan Brioc is Director of Research and Practice at The Republic of he Imagination ( a charity and international network of CoArts practitioners.

    Scrapmonkey Jewellery workshop is a make-what-you-can-imagine, pay-what-you-feel space. Drop in all day to make jewellery and other items out of reclaimed copper. Repair, upgrade and up-cycle. The space is open to all ages and fosters a DIY attitude whilst subverting the corporate hegemony by promoting the gift economy.

    Earth Loom Weaving and Willow Dome Construction

    Kinder Yarn Learn to spin and weave with Kinder Yarn textile workshops. Spin on a drop spindle then use your yarn to create your own woven fabric on a weaving loom. We are experienced tutors and mostly use local and recycled materials to minimise our impact on the environment.

    Peg Loom Weaving with Maria Morgan. Weaving a small mat from naturally coloured organic fleece.

    Traditional Crafts an informal collective of friends exploring various traditional crafts from a practical perspective looking at how we can meet our needs though skilfully utilising out local natural resources. Plant fibres. Spinning. Weaving. Clay. Green woodwork. Scything.

    Pottery Firing with Eddie Daughton.