Workshops: Movement and Dance

Buddhafield Festival 2018 |

Two women dancing in a workshop.

Getting ecstatic | Image © Charlotte Baxter 2012

There’ll be updates on this year’s workshop programme from about the beginning of April on, but below you can see a selection of the workshops we enjoyed last year.


Ecstatic Dance
With Jewels Wingfield. Jewels brings back her well loved and missed ecstatic dance.

With Jayagita. Danceitation breaks the conscious clubbing status quo, bringing dance and meditation together in an explosive mind-body-rave experience with a tectonic line up of awesome tracks to rock the dancefloor.

Shamanic Trance Dance
With Zelia Pye. An expansive deep inner journey of transformation and revelation,; with eyes covered we raise our vibration and dance with The Great Mystery!

5Rhythms Wave
With Neil Pinnock. Neil brings creative energy and aliveness to his take of 5Rhythms dance. He weaves webs of sound and support to guide dancers into the bliss of life.

Contact Improvisation Meets Conscious Dance, & Contact Improv Jam
With Lee and Jamus of Embodied Presence. Embodied Presence offers dance workshops in dance improvisation, touch and relationship. This work is about embodiment and play, arriving into a felt sense of the body, here and now.

Dance Your Naked Truth
With Cloe Jackson and Michelle Crozier. Creating a safe and sacred sanctuary for you to express yourself freely; an invitation to return to your natural state of untamed innocence and wildness. Gradually shed our layers of limitations which are each represented by an item of clothing. With optional nudity and no sexual contact; please wear 7 items of clothing!

5Rhythms in The Woods
With Tess Howell. Join us to dance in the woods and wilds to dance a 5Rhythms wave using silent disco headsets, facilitated by qualified teacher Tess Howell. Limited places so book early, look for signs at info point.

Tao Tango & Tango Embrace & Biodanza
With Annalise and Rachel Richter. Join the tango twins in these immersive, playful workshops, and dance the Biodanza dance of life.

Möbius presents Option3:Sub-Conscious Clubbing;
The Buddhafield Festival Sunday Morning Service
Morpheus only offered two options....
But join Möbius for Option3, a Sub-Conscious clubbing journey down the rabbit hole for the Buddhafield Festival Sunday Morning Service – 'I Dance the Puja Electric!'

Bollywood Dance
With Ramesh. Come have fun and learn to dance in the bollywood style.

Contact Jam
With David Basak.


Psoas Play
With Laurel Pyne. Discover where these big ‘emotional’ muscles lie and what they can do for us. Working solo and in pairs, journey safely to find our holding places, experience relaxing and releasing them, and then dancing and moving with a new awareness. Bring a cushion or something to prop your head up with!

Tension/Trauma Release Exercises
With Nandan O’Leary. A safe and effective empowerment tool for supporting the release of tension/trauma from our bodies so they can shift from a state of overwhelm, anger, anxiety and disconnection back into aliveness, connection, love and ease.

Alexander Technique
With Nicholas Brandon. For anyone who wants to improve their posture or for anyone experiencing discomfort and pain. Re-educate the kinesthetic sense, and release bad habits.

With Uma and Tejo Dinsmore-Tuli. The parkour movement techniques Tejo shares in this practical workshop are proven practices of focus in strength. The intelligence and precision of the movement teaches kindness and compassion in the physical flow of grace and power. It’s also loads of fun! First hour for under fifteens, second hour for over fifteens. Check info point for details.

Partner Yoga
With Lara White and Lioba Fezer. A beautiful, simple yet deeply nourishing yoga practice in pairs, supporting each other to go deeper into the postures – with sensitivity and creativity.

With Matthew Adams and Esmerelda Vere. Acroyoga is a physical practice that combines yoga and acrobatics. It elevates the connection between you and others through movement, connection and play. Experience taking flight! For beginners.

Community Massage & Integrative Massage
With Natasha Doane. Bring safe touch back into the family and community, suitable for all ages. Also, using blindfolds, how can we use the subtleties of our experience to go deeper in giving treatments?

Somatic Movement
With Veronique Kolkman-Janssen. Embody your being, experience a state of rigpa and refresh your self by attending an extaordinary work-out with Veronique.

Barefoot Running Trail Runs with Warm-down Yoga & Barefoot Running Technique
With Matthew Adams and Esmerelda Vere. Bring mindfulness into movement learning barefoot running technique, and be led on offsite trail runs for a 5k run through the woods, with a short yoga session at the end.

Kum Nye
With Paula Trafford. Kum nye relaxation develops our body awareness. We cultivate mindfulness of our feelings and sensations until eventually we sense the flow of energy through our physical body. If possible, bring a yoga mat, a cushion and a blanket or shawl for this relaxing session.

Qi Gong
With Rik Midgeley. Develop awareness of movement and mind.

Tai Chi and Qi Gong
With Andy Spragg. Andy’s focus is the synergy between Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Buddhist meditation. These workshops will help you to understand and enjoy the experiencing of these three fascinating approaches to life.

Falun Gong
With Malcolm Hudson. Falun gong is a mind and body cultivation practice that holds truthfulness, compassion and tolerance as it’s guiding principles, and has five gentle exercises that help promote a healhy body. It is known for it’s sometimes miraculous healing abilities and profound moral teachings.

With Marcus Groves. Archery is an ancient art form of elegant power and grace. Engaging both the mind and body, it can be equally exhilarating or a tranquil zen meditation.

Contributing: Workshop Leaders

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