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Buddhafield Festival 2018 |

Four people in discussion sitting around a low table.

Discussion in the Permcaulture Area | Image © Mim Saxl Photography 2012

There’ll be updates on this year’s talks programme from about the beginning of April on, but below you can see a selection of the workshops we enjoyed last year.


Courageous Action
Talk by Mac Macartney. Drawing on experiences gained when mentored by a group of Native Americans, Mac braids beauty, wildness, activism and the yearning pulse all humans have for a meaningful life into a call, a paean, a heart-song to the many millions of us who still stand on the sidelines and passively watch as our blue planet is slowly, systematically and meticulously tamed, caged, and broken.

Sacred Geometry
With Nellie Apostolova. Sacred geometry is the fundamental mathematical principle behind natural forms and by drawing the powerful geometrical symbols we connect with the natural harmony and oneness of all things.

The Generositree
With Natalia Kieniewicz and Anna Marie Franklin. An interactive performance art piece; an exploration of the nature of generosity, gifts, giving, receiving. If everything is a gift, the giver and receiver are one.

Chinese Medicine & Astrology
With Eileen McManus. Learn body and facial diagnosis, point palpation and energy release through touch in an interactive workshop to support your own health, and learn about the chinese astrological chart, the influence of the animal of your birth and how our homes and lifestyles affect health and happiness.

Good Governance
With Graham Truscott. Governance is critical to satisfaction and success in any organisation or business, but rarely given the attention it deserves. These workshops look at what governance is, why it matters and how to achieve good and effective governance at any scale.

The Dance of Becoming –  Complexity and Simplicity;
Talk by Wendy Chozom. In this dzogchen view, oppositional tensions resolve in their own ground.  Relaxed and open, responsive and at ease…how nice!

The Art of Tea
With Nina Svistakova. Introduction to the world of tea ceremonies and history of this healing plant; it’s delicacies, diversity and purposes throughout history. We will prepare a ceremonial tasting of several distinctive teas; learn to make an excellent cup of tea for yourself and your guests.

With Ippy Story Teller. Visit Ippy in her Story Hall and hear her tell her poems and tales to all who come.

Contributing: Workshop Leaders

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