Workshops: Green Crafts, Arts & Writing

Buddhafield Festival 2018 |

Detail of a kneeling man knitting wool.

Knitting | Image © Mim Saxl Photography 2012

Green Crafts

There’ll be updates on this year’s workshop programme from about the beginning of April on, but below you can see a selection of the workshops we enjoyed last year.

English Long Bow Making
With Johnny Tidd. Come and make your own English long Bow, made from seasoned chestnut and learn the basics of bow making

Muddy Fingers
With Kayley Porter. Workshops that reinforce environmentally conscious ideas and engage the heart

A Pretty Penny
With Coin Cutting Workshops. Badge making; cut a design out of an old penny and turn it into a badge with the addition of a brooch pin, takes 1 hour, costs £7. Pendant making; cutting a design to be worn with leather tie. Takes about 2.5 hours, costs £10.

Forage Walk for Plant Dyes, Spindle Spinning and Plant Dye
With Beetle Felt. A forage walk and talk about suitable dye plants. How to process local sheep fleece, spin with spindles and dye with plants

Learn floristry skills and blend traditional techniques with contemporary materials to make your own made-to-measure willow flower garland

Waynes Woods
With Wayne Sequoia. Spoon carving workshops

Oak Clan Forge
With Simon Summers. Take a journey back to the iron-age and learn the ancient arts of metal work. Hand craft your own tools and pendants and use the technique of ‘repousse’ to create Celtic copper bangles and sacred offerings.

Living Willow Lincoln
Earth loom weaving and willow dome and tunnel construction

Contributing: Workshop Leaders

Interested in offering a workshop? Thanks for your interest, but places for workshop leaders are now full.