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Buddhafield Festival 2018 | That’s All Folks!

A young woman sitting comntemplatively in a woodland glade.

And on a contemplative note ... | Image © Mim Saxl Photography 2012

What do you love about Buddhafield?

Meeting like-minded people who I never knew existed. Saunas, ecstatic dancing, awesome range of workshops and yoga classes, 24 hour meditation area, sitting sessions and classes in meditation. And all in a drug and alcohol free environment — just awesome. It has been life-changing for me and I’ll be back as long as there is a Buddhafield to come back to.

You can see photo sets by our two 2013 Official Photographers. Set 1 is by Radka Bailey and Set 2 by Rod Harbinson. We also had the pleasure of inviting freelance radio producer Alice Armstrong to create a podcast from the Festival:

It’s longer than other festivals, gives the opportunity for community to form.

I loved the way it’s completely chilled out yet there is a sense that people are very passionate about the dharma, the environment, meditation, Buddhist ethics.

Dancing Buddhas by Daniel Dobbie of Angelfishfilms.

The energy, the vibe, the friendship, it’s like stepping from the crap world of everyday life to a joyous nurturing world of bliss.

I love the free wild beautiful vibe that is laced throughout the whole event. And the pure energy feeling that comes from a drink and drugs free zone. I love just how many things there are on offer. And I especially loved the opportunity to dance in the huge dance tent nearly every day, and to sing African rhythms. But the warmth of the people, I feel largely which emanates from the crew underpinning the whole event, is also glorious.

You can learn a lot, meet people that you could never imagine, find quite spaces, watch a permaculture film at 9pm. feel happy to be myself, try new challenging and exciting workshops : ) the first time I went, many years ago, it was an early introduction to meditation and a new experience.

I love being surrounded by positive energy, how everyone smiles when they catch your eye. And there is always some good music in the background, way too many cool things to do and people to talk to, and amazing chai and food!

It is the only festival I’d ever feel comfortable going to on my own.

I’ve been coming for 10 years because it’s safe peaceful place where I’m accepted and loved just as I am.

The fact that there is a Buddhist ethic that pervades the atmosphere (even though I’m not Buddhist), the fact that it is drug and alcohol free (even though I do drink!), I love the fact that there is a great mix of workshops and entertainment — I can be serious all day in the Dharma Parlour one day, and spend all day dancing the next. I love the fact that there aren’t tons of food outlets to choose from, but there is a defined sense of ’mealtimes’ (unlike other festivals that can feel to me to be like consumerist feeding frenzies!). I like the way that because of these things Buddhafield feels very different from other festivals.

A thoughtfully held festival that allows people to grow and meet each other and be creative and curious about themselves, others and the world

I can be traveling down on the train on Wed afternoon in ‘normal clothes and a normal life’, and by the evening I am in Buddhafield, with a feather in my hair and a smile in my soul, dancing half-naked under the moon... It is a space where we can be free.

Seeing old faces, some I see only at buddhafield. I love having no pressure to drink it always feels like a mini personal journey going to the festival, it can be transformative

It was great; I even bought a notebook at the station and spent the whole journey back to London writing down my experiences and revelations before I got back to the crowds — even when I got to Paddington Station I just plonked my bags down and carried on writing for an hour to get down my experiences. (When I had finished and looked up there were 3 security guards wandering around checking out the Hippie!) Highlights for me were SAMs Sauna, the Permaculture and Social Change area (especially workshops by Mac from Embercombe and Thomas from Trackways). I also thought that the Parallel You-niversity was inspired and I spent a lot of time there. Pachamamas was also superb as ever (the world may be annica but Pachamamas breakfast pancakes always hit the spot!).

The singing was brilliant, the dancing and play and children’s areas were incredible. The food was amazing and the general safe and fun atmosphere was fantastic. I was also blown away by the jazz — such talent abounds!

It was pretty much one of the most beautiful experiences of my whole life.

Buddhafield for me is one the very best festies of the year and would recommend it to anyone from any walk of life

It’s a beautiful lovely festival! My boyfriend said yesterday that he thought about it every day and was counting the days to the next one like it was Christmas

Buddhafield Festival feeds my soul and after ten years of attending just to bask in the love, I have finally started to ‘get it’ with the meditation and am going to regular classes in London. I love the fact that the festival connects up people and groups from all over the country for an AGM like no other!

ten years coming ... that’s only in reality ten weeks of a 50 yearr life and yet it has touched me and changed me and it of HUGE importance to my life. I come with a three generation family group and it is special beyond words.xxx I love festivals but it is definitely the non alcohol/drugs that makes Buddhafield the best for me.

The no alcohol/drugs, the love and trust and open friendliness, the kid friendliness, the laughter and acceptance and non-judgement, the craziness, the food, the stalls, the peace and harmony...been 10 times and will come forever! love you all xxxxxx