Postal Booking for Festival Concessions

Postal bookings and concession applications must reach us before 5 July 2018
Type Qty Totals
Tickets for People
Don’t forget to buy a vehicle pass if you’re coming in your own transport
Adult (17+) ticket(s) @ £145 each £
If you’re a student or in receipt of state benefits (other than universal benefits) you are entitled to apply for a concession ticket. There is only a concession price for full-event, adult tickets and we ask you to send us a copy of proof of entitlement per concession ticket. We will be unable to process concession bookings after Thursday 5 July. (They are not sold at the Ticket Office, on site.)
Adult Concession(s) @ £95 each   £
Young Person (6 – 17) ticket(s) @ £50 each £
Child (0 – 5) ticket(s) @ £0 each £
Vehicle Passes
1 per vehicle
Car pass(es) @ £30 eachBlue Badge
holders free
Live-in vehicle pass(es) @ £40 each £
Purchaser Contact Details
Post to:
Buddhafield, C/o 2 New Farm Cottages, Itchen Down, Itchen Abbas, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 1BY
Make cheques payable to "Buddhafield".